Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

my dreams just get weirder and weirder (yes I know it's Time-out Tuesday)

Last night, Angel was unsettled and roamed from room to room, couch to bed to doormat and round and round again, napping in very short bursts. And meowing pitifully each time he woke, so of course my sleep was very broken too. 
Eventually I threw him out, not literally, into the freezing back porch and slammed the door on him. Left him there for five whole minutes. 
When I let him back into the warmth he was happy enough to curl up on my bed and fall asleep finally.
I went to sleep fully too and had a very odd dream. 

You may have noticed my regular commenter Lee, who lives in Queensland. 
We've never met. All we know about each other is from our blogs. 

Yet here she is popping up in my dream. 

It was a very short dream, beginning with someone pounding on my front door. (in the dream) 
Turns out (in the dream) I was living in a very large house that had two front doors and I hadn't heard knocking on one of them so this person pounded hard on the second front door. 

I opened it to see a gentleman dressed in black and behind him, Lee, dressed in a calf length fur coat and pushing a pram. 
Angel ran out onto the porch and started sniffing at a tiny pair of boottee'd feet sticking out of the blanket in the pram. 

I rushed everybody inside, apologising for my state of sloppy dress and the unmade bed, (I really hate people dropping in before I've made the bed) and they waved all that aside and started producing papers and pens. 

Apparently, an unknown someone had left a baby on Lee's doorstep, in Queensland!, and the man with her was a lawyer and they had decided I was the best person to care for this child. Way down here in South Australia. He was urging me to sign the necessary papers and that's when I woke up.

How weird is that!!


  1. I'm with you on the weird dreams... hope you don't have anymore of them! Hope Angel remains settled as well.

  2. Bet you never thought you would be a new mother at your age! Alex, to sleep now. River needs her sleep.

  3. Hahahaha! My God! River! Where on earth did that dream originate from? That certainly was weird! lol

    I suppose tonight I'll dream of you knocking on my door, returning the baby! Bring your's raining up here at present.

    I'm not going to answer any knocks...I did just hear something fall on the roof...I hope you're not pretending to be Mary Poppins!

    Now I've got the hiccups! Must be from the shock reading about your dream! ;)

  4. If you do find a baby on your doorstep you will know where it came from.
    If I find one I will be very confused.

  5. As an interpreter of dreams I can tell you that one means you should not eat ice cream and cookies before bed.

  6. Hi River,

    If you want REALLY weird dreams, try a big lump of cheese.

    You'll be flying around the galaxy in a planet destroying spaceship pursuing Darth Vader and the Borg before you start snoring (assuming you snore that is!).




  7. No wonder Angel was upset! Who needs an interloper?

  8. Jac; I often have weird dreams in that short intense sleep right before I wake for the day. I just can't remember most of them.

    Andrew; if a baby was brought to me to raise, I would name it Alex. How did you know?

    Lee; in the early hours when I sleep deepest I often have dreams that are intense and weird. You don't know any young pregnant women do you?

    Merle; as unlikely as it seems, I'll keep an eye on my doorstep.

    joeh; cookies aren't a problem, ice cream definitely is a dream producer, the later I eat it, the weirder and more real the dream is.

    Plasman; I'm glad I don't eat my cheese in big lumps. I've never had an outer space dream though, maybe I could give it a try one night.

    Joanne; Angel was upset before the dream, the little dickens kept waking me up before I had a chance to properly sleep. I haven't checked lately when the full moon is, perhaps it was Monday night.

  9. Ack. That dream would have kept me awake I think.
    It is wet here (yay) and the cats spend most of the day hunkered down asleep and thunder around in the small hours suggesting that I might like to let them out. They are wrong.

  10. Not anymore - not really, River...I sent her to Adelaide! lol

  11. Elephant's Child; if Angel just thundered around without the pitiful meowing I could probably sleep through that. He began this routine at 10.40pm when i had been asleep only 45 was 4am when I finally threw him out.

    Lee; uh oh. Luckily, I don't live in a large house with two front doors.

  12. Have you ever had an abortion?