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you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Musical Monday posts will now only happen every second Monday, instead of weekly. 

I have discovered that my prepaid data allowance is now 5GB LESS for the same price and that's one reason why I keep running out and having to buy more. 
Searching youtube for the songs I want to post uses a lot of data allowance and the budget here just can't take too many hits. 

The 15GB allowance I used to pay for would last me 6-8 months, now I'm barely getting 3 months with a 10GB allowance. For the same price.

As well as cutting back on musical Mondays, I am going to request that my blogger friends no longer send me emails containing videos, as opening and viewing them is using too much of my allowance also.
Sorry fishducky :(   Elephant's Child :(    Mimsie :(     everyone else.

I'm also going to have to give up one of my favourite pastimes. Checking real estate on the internet :(


  1. Oh...that's no good! You're just going to have to put up songs that keep going around and around in our heads over a fortnight, River! :)

    We enjoy your stories and never fear...we'll all still be here! :)

  2. Sigh. Videos are real data chewers aren't they.
    No more videos from me. Photos though.
    How did the dentist go?

  3. So sorry to read this, what a rip-off!

  4. That is totally not cool. Is it worth shopping around for other options? :)

  5. Sorry to hear about this...but....typical for the times yes? It's always something that brings joy to our lives that this happens to.

  6. What a nuisance but every penny counts these days.
    I am with Amnet here in WA and it costs me $30 a month for ADSL broadband and I never run out and have to go back to dial-up speed. I use my computer up to 6 hours a day. As I do very little else in the way of entertainment I don't think the $30 is being extravagant. I used to pay more but my son-in-law suggested I downgrade and it has worked out very well. This is of course through the local telephone exchange as we still have a landline telephone.
    I will make sure I don't send any more emails with videos although I thought, like EC, I mainly send photos.
    Book in mail to you today and another to follow next week. That will probably be the last Dick Francis book I'll send.

  7. ...that's a shame River ... Hate it when prices increase and we get less product.. xxx
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

  8. Lee; ear worms? not sure I can manage that. The stories and photos will still be here.

    Elephant's Child; I knew you tube would eat into my data allowance, but today I learned something new about those videos. They may seem small, each song being only a few minutes, but the file behind it may be as large as a half hour, that's kbs or Mbs I really shouldn't be tapping too often.
    Dentist went well, had one tooth repaired another booked for next week and have quotes on the work necessary to fix my ugly cracked and stained front teeth. One quote is the cheaper option and reasonable cost wise, the other quote is the better option but four times as expensive. Dilemma for sure, since I can't yet afford either option.

    Jac; I had notification a while ago that their price range was changing, it seems they'd prefer everyone to switch to a monthly contract, rather than prepaid.

    Snoskred; until now, it hasn't been, but I may have to start exploring options.

    Delores; yes. always the way, things downsize while the cost goes up. I was having fun with the Musical Mondays, but I have to think of my budget, so less is more, so to speak.

    Mimsie; am I right thinking that ADSL needs a landline to be able to hook up? I don't have a landline, just didn't want to be paying line rental to Telstra for something I never use. $30 a month sounds very reasonable for six hours a day. I will see if my provider has similar deals.
    Thank you for understanding about the emails, any with photos will be okay, I can save those to my files and look at them without being connected. Thank you for the books too; my son enjoys them after I've read them, then passes them to a friend where he works.

  9. I barely understand this discussion, except it seems, like all commodities, it's costing more.

  10. I'm taking you off my ducky list but will try to remember to send you stuff that isn't videos!!

  11. Hi River,

    Just when you start posting songs I like too.




  12. Joanne; yes. Costing more for less data allowance, which equals less internet time before I have to pay up again.

    fishducky; thank you very much.

    Plasman; the songs will still be there, just less frequently. There's probably not too many that you'd like anyway. unless you like Bon Jovi?

  13. River - I know it's scary to have a contract, but it's worth checking out the prices and maybe playing the companies off against each other? If you're using your computer frequently anyway, it's probably worth considering??

    I've got a telstra sim card for mobile internet access in my netbook/laptop (the only computer I own). There's no landline and you can use it anywhere with telstra mobile access - perfect for me when I go travelling. Don't know what your set up is, so not sure if this option would work for you, but it's reasonably priced and fuss-free - check out Telstra mobile internet for options.

  14. I have pre-paid broadband and pre-paid mobile phone so I can keep an eye on when I need to top up, sometimes it's just $20 until the next pension day. I get mad when everyone assumes that I have an iPhone, according to them I can get everything in one bundle and pay X amount per month but some months I don't have X amount. I know I don't when it's book sale season.

  15. Red Nomad; it hasn't been worth it before, but with prices changing, a contract may be the way to go. I've avoided it in the past because it's a definite monthly payment and if I don't have the money available, what then? but I've been managing to recharge the prepaid each time and with the new 'lesser' value, it works out more expensive per month. I'll check what my current provider has available re contracts.

    JahTeh; I have prepaid both and have always worried about 'what if', but I'm going to check out the other options, since the new cost of my prepaid works out at just over $55 per month, where previously it worked at at about $23 per month.
    I get annoyed to with people assuming I have i-phone or smart phone with all those apps for everything. If they invent one that cooks dinner and washes up after I might consider getting one...