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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thursday Thoughts # 51

from a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich:

"Grandma Mazur: it was so much easier when I was young. You got a boyfriend and you married him. You had some kids, you got older, one of you died and that was it.

Stephanie: Jeez, no true love?

Grandma Mazur: There's always been true love, but in my day you either talked yourself into thinking you had it, or talked yourself into thinking you didn't need it."

also from a Stephanie Plum novel:

 "I'm only getting one doughnut," Lula said getting out of the Firebird. "I'm on a new diet where I can only have one of anything. Like I can have one pea. And I can have one piece of asparagus. And I can have one loaf of bread."

I looked at the two bags Lula was holding. "I thought you were getting just one doughnut"
"And that's what I did. I got one of everything. I'm telling you, this is a beauty of a diet."

"I don't understand the whole salad obsession anyway. Lettuce don't look like a food to me. And if you're gonna eat a tomato, I say put it on a burger."

again from Stephanie Plum:

"...the two-story faux colonial buildings were originally designed as apartment units. The buildings had been converted to condos when mortgage money was easy to get....."

Today's Thoughts:

A question for my American/Canadian readers: 
What's the difference between apartments and condos? Can you post a comparison floor plan of each so I can see the difference? 
And can anyone post a picture of a red Firebird car?  I'd like to see what Lula is driving.

Joeh recently wrote about his experience getting new glasses and the trying on of many different styles of frames.
I have my own problem with trying on frames. You find a pair that look good on your face and fit comfortably, but once the prescribed lenses are fitted, they look different simply because the lenses are a different thickness, not the flat glass which is in the frames for display purposes. 
Sometimes the difference is negligible and you go home happy with your new glasses, sometimes the difference is so much that you're no longer entirely happy with them, but you've paid for them already, so you go home telling yourself at least you can see more clearly now and that's all that matters, right?

thinking outside the box;

mmmm, pie

hands up, who saw this and thought "mmm lemon meringue pie"?

you are wrong. all of you. (*~*)

it's pineapple meringue pie.

One **440g can of crushed pineapple,(and the liquid, don't strain it) two egg yolks, a small amount of cornflour mixed to a paste with water. Sugar if you prefer it more sweet, less tangy.
 **this is enough for two small pastry cases.

Cook in saucepan until thickened, allow to cool a bit, (not too much, it will set.)
Pour into pre-baked store-bought sweet pastry flan.

I use this one>

not overly large, quite small actually, and not too cheap either...$5.79

but so deliciously crisp, buttery and sweet, they're worth paying for..
and there are two recipes on the back of the box

chocolate tart

and lemon tart.

But let's get back to the pineapple pie. 
You've got your cooked filling in the pastry case and your oven heating to 200C

Beat the egg whites until thick, add a couple of spoons of caster sugar, beat until stiff. Spoon meringue onto filling taking it right to the edges, sealing the gap between filling and pastry. 
Bake until browned. 

I won't specify a time here, since all ovens are different, but it doesn't take long and 
once it begins to brown, don't leave it too long as it will blacken and burn quickly.


  1. Condos, I think, purchased living quarters, apartments are rented. But, I think that definition is becoming more fluid as condos are rented out by management companies that own an entire set of attached house style condos, and the unit is still called a condo.

  2. Who cares about condos when there's pie?

  3. It is a looooong time since I have had pie. And needs to be a longer time.
    Interesting that apartments are rented and condos owned. I never knew.

  4. A condo/condominium is a type of shared property which contains individually owned units.

    You can rent an apartment and you can also rent a condo. The two major differences between the two is an apartment building carries a single deed of trust that encompasses the properties as a whole.

    A condominium carries an individual deed of trust for each unit. It is possible for a single purchaser to own every unit in a condominium development and operate it in the same manner as an apartment development.

    Your pie looks delicious...a wickedly tasty treat worthy of a Thursday. :)

  5. I like that diet one of everything one doz bottles of coke , one doz cakes, not a problem I could live with that, maybe not to long. .

  6. Lee's explanation is quite clear and interesting. Here, at least as used by our building's managing company is a condo is a lesser place with low ceilings, whereas and apartment has higher ceilings. I am not sure that such usage is widespread.

  7. Joanne; so, not a lot of difference, none at all with styling etc.

    fishducky; I tried to save you a piece, but my mouth ate it while I wasn't looking.

    Elephant's Child; no pie?? you are sadly deprived...
    Here in Aus. we don't have condos, that's an American/Canadian word and I've often wondered what is the difference. Here apartments and units can all be either owned or rented, the biggest difference as far as I can see is apartments are usually bigger. for instance Andrew has an apartment, my tiny home is a flat, something in between in size would be a unit; more and more though, these differences are blurred; although units are generally still single story, built as one long building separated into individual home units, whereas flats are larger buildings with two or more homes on several floors.

    Lee; so following your explanation, an apartment would be what we call strata title and a condo would be torrens title?
    The pie was delicious, but I won't be making another any time soon. I still have an apricot/almond tart in the freezer, plus banana cake.

    Merle; not quite right, one bottle of coke or one bottle of each of different flavours of soft drink. There's a fine line to be crossed here. Lula bought one each of every flavour doughnut, i.e. one chocolate, one cream filled and so on. It's funny to think about but I couldn't do it for long either. Too many calories, too much sugar and too expensive as well.

    Andrew; so there are further subtle differences to be considered. I like high ceilings myself, but too high and it gets a little tricky changing light bulbs and sweeping cobwebs from corners. I've never heard condo's used in reference to Australian homes, only USA/Canada.

  8. Can relate to the new frames for glasses, took me over one week to get used to mine..

  9. River...A condo/apartment is on strata title not Torrens Title...

    "What is the difference between a Strata and Torrens Title property?

    A Torrens Title property is one in which the purchaser owns both the house and the land on which it is built. This is the most traditional form of ownership and means that you become the sole owner of the property (aside from the bank or financial institution providing the mortgage!) and you are responsible for the property's upkeep - both inside the property and outside on the block of land.

    A property such as a villa, townhouse or unit however is usually purchased under Strata. When you buy one of these properties, there are 'common areas' that are used by all of the people living in the complex or apartment block including driveways, gardens and so on . These common areas have to be maintained by all of the unit owners collectively, through an Owners Corporation, because they are shared. The individual owner is solely responsible for the upkeep of the inside of their property, but they must also share the expense of maintaining the common areas."

  10. Off subject but I love Lula's various diets. Also, book 21 is out over here in USA. Don't know how Ms. Evanovich will top it! I am waiting for Wicked Charms to hit my library. Don't know if you read the Wicked books.

  11. Lee; oops, I got them wrong. I had a vague idea.

    Sharon; welcome to drifting.
    I love Lula's diets too, she is certainly adventurous. Book 21 is here too, I just haven't got around to buying it yet. I'll have it by next week though. I have read two of the Wicked books, but quite a while ago. I plan on buying my own copies as soon as I can.

  12. This pineapple pie looks SO DELICIOUS! I am pinning this to make for later! OMG YUM!