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Friday, June 5, 2015

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a word challenge meme which she calls “Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

Our words today come from Elephant’s Child again, Delores is still experiencing computing problems :(

This week's words are:

1. wary
2. serve
3. itchy
4. mindless
5. yard
6. marathon


1. jog
2. bless
3. steadfast
4. industrious
5. sturdy
6. skilled

Here is my story:

Steadfast and true, I stuck to my timetable. No mindless rushing for me. Life wasn't a short, sharp, dash, it was a marathon and I was here for the long haul. 

I was wary of those who would rush me. This milestone, that milestone, all must be met and conquered, but in my own time. A gentle jog, rather than a sprint, that was my plan. 
If I did it right, it would serve me well.

I would be industrious, work hard to become skilled at everything I tried. Here I stood now, on sturdy little legs, facing the yard of itchy grass. My ball had rolled away and I wanted it back. 

I let go of Mum's chair and stepped.  Once, twice, three times. I heard a soft gasp behind me.

"Mum, look! she's walking. Miriam is walking!"
"Bless her little heart," said Grandma. "And not even one year old yet."


  1. Hi River,

    Wonderful and the magic of those first steps.


  2. I wouldn't be surprised if kidlets follow some sort of internal plan, and are much more calculating and intelligent than we suspect. One of our grandsons is taking his sweet time talking, but maybe everything's been just fine for him so far, so he hasn't found anything to complain about yet.

    Another fine use of the words.

    1. My second brother only spoke 'gobbedly gook' until he was nearly two. He didn't bother walking either. His eldest brother interpreted for him - and everyone knew about it if he was given an apple rather than the orange his brother said he wanted.

  3. Clever and heart-warming. Yay Miriam - and you.

  4. Good one, River...a nice start to a Friday! :)

  5. Precious story...I was surprised Miriam was a baby!

  6. Lovely use of these words, I'm impressed!

  7. ... wonderful story River...... you always make me smile and want more of your stories....
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  8. klahanie; I was lucky enough to witness the first steps of each of my kids and one that we were babysitting too. We sure surprised her dad when he came to pick her up.

    fishducky; even better, this one wrote itself, with no input from me.

    Susan; Mozart didn't speak until he was four. Too busy composing music I suppose. I'm convinced that all babies are much smarter than we used to think, they're not just blobs that eat and sleep. My own were so wide awake and alert all the time.

    Elephant's Child; my youngest didn't walk or talk much at first. He knew how, but the older kids and their friends carted him everywhere, so he had no need. Until the holidays were over and they all went back to school. He was on his own then and spoke up as he toddled all over the house after me.

    Lee; thank you.

    Susan Kane; I'm glad to hear it. I wanted that surprise factor.

    Jac; thank you too.

    Barbara; thank you, this is another one that wrote itself.