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Friday, June 12, 2015

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a word challenge meme which she calls “Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

Our words today come from Elephant’s Child again, Delores is still experiencing computing problems.

This week's words are:

1. conscious
2. plant
3. aromatic
4. growth
5. vulgar
6. sky


1. storm
2. yell
3. crawl
4. joyous
5. fearless
6. root

Here is my story:

Warmed by the summer sun, the aromatic fragrances of rosemary and perennial basil wafted up as Wendy Hawkins brushed her hands across the shrubs. Her grandma's cottage garden was a constant delight. The strong growth of each plant as it reached for the sunny sky above brought joyous feelings each time she stepped along the paths between the beds. Strolling through helped her calm down, the garden was her silent refuge from the storm inside the house.

With fearless abandon, her son Troy would climb high furniture and jump down onto the beds or couches below, bouncing high as he landed; somtimes he would be outside climbing up on to the shed roof, wanting to fly off; Wendy had placed the trampoline there to catch him as he flew, then fell. 

Trying to help him understand these things were not acceptable behaviour resulted in Troy yelling every vulgar word he knew as he crawled into one of his many tiny hideaway spaces to get away from her. 
He'd been this way ever since the accident; an eighteen wheeler had swiped across the back of her station wagon and sent the car flying with both of them inside. Wendy and Troy had spent a few days in the local hospital, finally being released when it appeared neither had sustained any injury. But once home, Troy had become a complete stranger, acting out in violent behaviours and swearing viciously at her. 

Wendy stood in the calm of grandma's garden and made the conscious decision to make the appointment today and  take Troy to the specialist Dr. Martin had recommended. With a battery of tests and a little hypnotism, surely the root of the problem would be found. 

The noise inside had subsided, Troy would be asleep now, behind the couch probably. Wendy walked through the kitchen and dropped the couch blanket over her sleeping boy, so angelic now. He would be calmer when he woke, back to his pre-accident self, for a few hours at least, before the cycle began again.


  1. What an event to survive, get through, and then suffer the memories! Poor Troy.

    Good write!

  2. Beautifully done; a sad, but telling, tale.

  3. This one was very disturbing--but well-written!!

  4. Poor Wendy. Poor Troy.
    Another exceptional story.

  5. So sad you do feel for their situation it must be very hard.

  6. Well done, River. :)

    It looks like you've got yourself another troll, you did on your previous post...just delete them before clicking on them. They'll get weary and leave you be. :)

  7. Wow. Very moving. We're going to need a sequel!

  8. Susan Kane; Troy gets better with a lot of therapy.

    Jac; thank you. I don't often do sad; when it happens I have no idea where it comes from.

    fishducky; thank you. I wish I knew which part of me brought this forward.

    Elephant's Child; things get better for both of them; lots of therapy and insurance money from the trucking company.

    Merle; it is sad, for both of them, very hard for Wendy to watch her boy go through this.

    Lee; thank you. I don't click on trolls and meant to go back and delete, but forgot. I'll do it today.

    Jackie K; I feel this needs a sequel too, but not sure I can do it.

  9. whiteangel; thank you. this is a weekly challenge, with words put up by Elephant's Child each Wednesday; feel free to join in.

  10. Yet another terrific story, and a bit different from the ones you usually write. Very sad. I anticipated you adding an even heavier level of sadness by somehow indicating that Troy is a grown man, so I guess you could say you surprised me by... not trying to surprise me. :)

    Happy weekend!