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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Calendar Tuesday # 5

It’s  May 3rd--time again for Calendar Tuesday, which only happens on the first Tuesday of each month.

We'll start with the May picture on my Country Home Ideas calendar:

I'm not keen on wallpaper, but I love the wing chair.

Next, the Violent Veg Calendar:

"I need to return this has a nasty chip in it."
enlarging the photo will make things clearer.

Now the one you've been waiting for: Suzy Toronto:

and here's what it says:

"there are no limits to the silly things I can accomplish when I'm supposed to be doing something else.

Where does it say in the book of life that absolutely everything we do has to be productive, on task, and worthy of a submission to the book of world records?

Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in accomplishing absolutely everything on our lists that we forget the tremendous peace and solace we find in the simple things that give our bodies and minds a rest.

We get so wrapped up in the glorification of busyness - slaves to deadlines and electronic dayplanners - that we forget to "pencil in" some time to live a life worth loving.

The truth is that doing it all and being it all is exhausting!

And, strangely enough, the endless scramble ends up making us less productive than if we just slowed down and allowed ourselves to do the things that give our lives joy, fulfillment, and real meaning. the midst of our busy schedules, our overcrowded calendars, and our endless flow charts, let's get off the fast track, scratch the electronic lists, and instead "ink in" some time to giggle...and to master the art of just doing nothing.

Let's say YES to a renewed sense of whimsy and wacky with a few hours of unscheduled, transformative fun. I'm pretty sure we'll find there are no limits to the silly things we can accomplish when we're supposed to be doing something else!"



  1. I am not a big fan of wallpaper in my own home as the thought of "down the road" it will have to come down at some point but I think it is very pretty in a lot of other peoples homes. I love the wallpaper in that picture.

    The "silly things" message is wonderful. I am a list kind of person and realize I add stress into my life by trying to get it all done.

  2. Amen to the 'Silly Things' - we're all too busy rushing about and not noticing the small ingredients of life.

  3. Yay for Suzy. How right she is.
    Love the wing chair (which would have a patina of fur here) and am still smiling at the nasty chip.

  4. I have don't an overcrowded calendar; nor do I have lists of what I need to accomplish. Do I have to accomplish anything? Will I be penalised if I don't?

    I'm not fond of wall paper, either.

    This slackness of mine includes not having a bucket list. The only lists I make are shopping lists for my visits to the supermarket. Sometimes I fail at that, too.

    The other day I tore the shopping list I'd written from the notebook and off I went to the supermarket. When I entered the store and looked at the list clasped safely in my hand I discovered I was holding a blank sheet (to match my mind, no doubt)! The written upon sheet was still at home!

    I like the silly things...they're what make life fun! :)

    I'm not fond of wallpaper, though.

  5. Big smile at the nasty chip.

  6. Cheryl; I think sometimes a feature wall of paper can look good if the rest of the room is a little drab/dull, but a "busy" paper in a room filled with other "busy things, just jangles the nerves. For me anyway. I prefer paint, a solid colour which is a restful backdrop to furnishings and more easily cleaned or changed.

    jabblog; welcome back!! I'm doing a lot less rushing about myself these days. Even the housework is being ignored more often than not.

    Elephant's Child; I'm rather grateful to Suzy for reminding us that life was meant to be easier, more fun.
    I have a picture of a lovely blue wing chair in my "dream home" folder; a real folder, not an online one. I'll sit up in bed sometimes when I can't sleep and flip through it. Over the years I've ripped out and replaced many of the pictures in it, but there's a few pictures that are easily ten years old.

    Lee; my calendar for this month has only one appointment; my flu shot, scheduled for the 17th. shopping is the only list I make these days too and I find they're a lot shorter than they used to be.

    Andrew; I once bit into a nasty chip, grey inside and tasting foul, I spat it out and couldn't eat the rest. The cartoon is a funnier one.

  7. I love the Violent Veg calendar!!

  8. fishducky; me too! Those pictures are being kept and at the end of the year they'll be framed and hung on the kitchen wall above the fridge.

  9. I do love your choice of calendars this year and Suzy certainly has life all worked out...or at least how life should be.
    Thanks for sharing, those violent Veg make me laugh.

  10. Mimsie; it's not often I find calendars I like, it was a surprise this year to find three, even if one was a freebie with a magazine. I hope Violent veg has another one for 2017.