Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

the voices in my head (nothing menacing here)

from Dreams of Gods and Monsters, by Laini Taylor:

"My wife likes to say that the mind is a palace with rooms for many guests. Perhaps the butler takes care to install the delegates of Science in a different wing from the emissaries of Faith, let they take up arguing in the passages.

So, the voices in my head. 
There's one that pops up now and again and says," there hasn't been any chocolate around here for a while. When are you going to buy some chocolate?"
He's easy to ignore.

The other one works on things more readily accessible. 
"There's vanilla ice cream in the freezer," he says. 
"It's cool, creamy, sweet and delicious. Why don't you have some? It's hours until dinner."

"Cool?" I said. "Cool?"

"Okay, okay'" he says. "It's icy cold and will freeze the roof of your mouth, but everything else I said is true."

Dammit, he was right. It DID freeze the roof of my mouth.


  1. Those dang voices! Somehow my voice remembers where I hid the chocolate.

  2. Yes, there are days that the voices are real nags. I try to ignore them and they just keep talking.

  3. I'm sending you an email on this subject!!

  4. My voices are sneaky. And too often negative. Convincing too.
    I am going to have to read Laini Taylor. Thank you.

  5. I hate brain freeze, but it is still worth it.

  6. .. I don't have too much trouble from the voices in my head.... the music and singing from my Ear Worms drown them out... mostly...
    It's always busy in my head..
    ..have a great day River.. hugs.. Barb xxxx

  7. Is that what they're saying? I'm on it.

  8. Susan Kane; mine too, but there isn't any chocolate here right now, and I'm not going all the way to the shop just for chocolate.

    Cheryl; I'm real good at ignoring the one that says the floor is way overdue for a cleaning (*~*)

    fishducky; got the email, thanks. That's going on a coffee mug.

    Elephant's Child; you're going to LOVE Laini Taylor. My voices are rarely negative.

    joeh; brain freeze is that sudden icy stabbing just above the eyes if what I see on TV is real, but I've never had that. I just feel the cold on the roof of my mouth.

    Barbara; I read somewhere that earworms are Karaoke for the voices in your head.

    Joanne; if you listen hard enough, sometimes you'll hear them talking to each other. one will be saying 'she really needs to vacuum this floor' and the other will say 'leave her alone, she's having a pyjama day'.

    1. .. I'd never heard that before River, I like that ear worm description... makes me smile. I always think of the Banbury Cross nursery rhyme.. 'with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes ... she shall have music wherever she goes' Hugs... Barb xxx

  9. I am sure you took one mouthful and said, that is too cold. I can't eat it. No?

  10. Damn, River, now I've remembered a packet of crisps I hid in the tea towell cupboard.
    I've gone off chocolate but can't get enough ice-cream but without chocolate.Coffee ice-cream but I've gone off drinking coffee.

    Andrew, I'd like an ice-cream cake for my birthday.

  11. I rarely ever stop thinking preparing planning listening and wondering is that the kitchen tap the shower the wind rain or other miscellaneous ear boggling tinkling to somewhat louder like a muffled bell or the TV buzzing after the final shut down for the day, maybe its the air con - but after checking it is none of those phenomena mentioned just my tinnitus which is a permanent plague I have to live with and try to ignore, only distractions good or bad allow me to forget my nemesis tinnitus a legacy from life in the forces.
    I have been told if one gets stoned it disappears However I cant remember if it did or not, then possibly if it did go away I would be even more confused when my vertigo manifests itself on occasions when I least expect it, particularly when I refuse to use support when walking out of sheer stubbiness. I think I have said enough.

  12. I'm a slave to the Willy Wonka voices in my head, and I do their bidding willingly :)

    And, when one's son works for the finest chocolatiers in the country - Haigh's (founded in your beautiful S.A. no less) - one has no hope but to succumb to those voices that urge, "go on, just one more"...

  13. I've always got some dark chocolate in my fridge...for those "just in case the mood strikes" moments. I don't eat it often...but it's there when the urge takes hold.

    And I always have a supply of Peters chocolate and vanilla drumsticks in my freezer. Peters is the only ice cream I eat...and when I eat ice cream it's mostly the drumsticks as above.

  14. Andrew; no. I ate the whole bowlful, but it was a small bowl.

    JahTeh; I'm not a crisps person, but now and again I just have to have a small packet. I'm in the same boat with the ice cream, just can't get enough lately, with me it's vanilla or cookies&cream or rum&raisin.
    I'd send you an ice cream cake, but it might get a little messy on the way (*~*)

    Lee; I seem to get into chocolate more as the weather turns frosty, where once upon a time I ate it every day. My ice cream brand is Golden North, I don't like Peters, or Streets.

  15. Vest; you rarely stop thinking? I rarely START thinking, my mind just wanders along on its own. I have tinnitus too, but it doesn't bother me much, the fuzzy buzzing is worse with some medications.

    Vicki; Haighs is my favourite chocolate. I go in there intending to buy one thing and usually go out with a bagfull. milk coffee pastilles, aniseed rings, plain milk chocolate, cappuccino bars, peppermint bars...oh heck, now I want some aniseed rings. I'll have to stop in on my way home tomorrow and get some.

  16. I could look at chocolate and not eat it, the same with icecream.. i don't have to eat those things but icecream does beckon me most evenings at 10pm :)

  17. Margaret-whiteangel; I've found that eating ice cream after 9.30-10pm results in some weird and wacky dreams. Nothing nightmarish, just crazy.