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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday Selections # 326

Welcome back to Sunday Selections.

Begun way back in the mist of time by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock and now continued by me, with a drastic relaxation of rules.

Originally meant for showcasing old photos lost on your files, never seeing the light of day, the meme has morphed into photos of your choice, new or old, good or not-so-good, anything you please, but nothing rude please.

If you are participating, please leave me a comment so I can buzz along and have a look.
Elephant's Child always participates, and her pictures are always worth seeing.

Today we are back in my garden:

where Angel likes to keep watch, you can see his fur has almost completely grown back.


Ooh! What's that?

this last marigold is well and truly dead

but I have rediscovered this plant growing in between the donkey's tails. I'd completely forgotten it was there, haven't seen it in months.

there are fallen leaves caught in almost everything.

all those green spears are freesias popping up by the dozen where there was just bare earth last week.

my rhubarb is beginning to look alive at last, after four years of sulking in a pot, I finally gave in and planted it in the ground where it wanted to be this whole time.

all of my jades have baby flower buds, in a few weeks they will be starry pink flowers

this is the biggest of the jades, about 75cm tall now, several others are almost as large,

in a year or two I'll have the hedge I planned.

my one remaining coprosma is showing signs of life and better colour. I decided to move the other, smaller one and discovered the roots were all wound up in a tiny tight ball, I loosened them and trimmed, but the plant died anyway. I thought it would. I'm hopeful this remaining one will grow taller finally.

more fallen leaves, speckled this time.

backlit by the lowering sun, these leaves on my Christmas plums still look dark purple from the sunny side.

some of the smaller leaves are brighter orange and red

others green and gold, with touches of orange.

I wonder who lives in here? Mr Redback? Mr Garden Spider? I won't knock on his door, best to leave him sleeping.

and here is Cap'n Jack, resplendent in his new coat of paint.



  1. Angel looks so pretty now, his coat all brushed and soft looking!
    Nice shots of our autumn leaves! I am amazed that you have such pretty succulent plants growing. Beautiful!

    1. S.J.Qualls; Angel's coat always looks like that, he's very soft and a pretty boy too.
      I'm glad my succulents are doing well, most other things I've tried didn't take.

  2. Angel is a very beautiful boy. Loving your garden. I have failed to grow jade, and am impressed at yours (and also have freesias emerging).

    1. Elephant's Child; I'm surprised you can't grow jade, it's like geraniums, grows anywhere with little attention. But there are things I'm unable to grow too and others tell me they're so easy.
      Angel knows he is beautiful, he poses for the camera and everyone he meets outside tells him too.

  3. That garden is looking as good as Angel.

    1. Joanne; thank you, both are a little spoiled, Angel more so than the garden, which is now almost able to look after itself. I hope you are feeling much better.

  4. And another week ends while another starts.

    Since the rain we received a few weeks back when Cyclone Debbie dumped her overload, everything is growing rapidly, doubling and tripling in size up this way.

    Angel is looking wonderful...cuddles to him...I hope you have a great week, River. Watch out for budgie smugglers! :)

    1. Lee; I've lived in Queensland and remember well how everything grows in leaps and bounds after a good rain. I don't think I need to worry about budgie smugglers, they don't usually take plastic birds.

  5. Both of your thumbs must be a very deep green!!

    1. fishducky; actually they're both a bit red. I painted a bookshelf yesterday and got paint on my hands. I washed up but didn't get it all off.

  6. Very nice everything looks like it is doing well, except for the marigold.

    Angel and Cap'n Jack look like they have it made and know it.

    1. Jimmy; I'm pleased with how everything is growing. The marigold has dropped all its seeds and I collected about a million of them, I'll sow them in early September and have a whole new hedge of marigolds for the summer.
      Angel knows he's onto a good thing, dinner and snacks whenever he wants. Cap'n Jack is a poly resin macaw who fades in the sun and gets a repaint every five years or so.

  7. Angel is a beauty indeed..although...Captain Jack is looking pretty spiffy himself.

    1. only slightly confused; Cap'n Jack does look brand new, a friend did the repaint for me, because I don't have any of those colours.
      Angel is looking very lovely now his fur has grown back. His tail isn't yet as bushy as it was, but it's getting there.

  8. .. great to see your Jade hedge is nearly complete..
    I do like your succulents..and the beautiful Autumn colours of the different leaves ...
    We went to a wedding in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains on Friday .. the colours of the trees was glorious ... I love Autumn...
    Hugs to you and Angel .... Barb xxx

  9. Barbara; how lovely to see the Blue Mountains in full autumn glory! I should get up into the Adelaide Hills soon, before the colour spectacle is over. Once the jades meet each other, they will continue to grow taller and wider, then I will have a secret garden behind them. I just hope it doesn't become too shady for everything in there.

  10. Angel looks so happy to be outdoors. Some animals may prefer being outside, like Lily. Any weather and she wants to be out.
    You have a great variety of plants. Our weather puts a limit on our plants.

  11. Angel looks so grown up now! I keep thinking he's still on the older side of "kitten" but he seems much more mature now. Hopefully this means he is into less trouble indoors than he used to be. :)

  12. Angel is looking so good in your photographs here.
    I also like Cap'n Jack, the colours on him look good.

    All the best Jan

  13. I enjoyed seeing those photos. Wonder who lives there? Sorry about the plant dying.