the story so far

All of the existing chapters in my story have now been edited and added to the page on my Words for Wednesday Stories link which is at the bottom of the blog list on the scrolling sidebar to the left of my posts. 

18 chapters, plus four chapters of Part Two.

At the top of my posts, above the blog name and to the left there should be three short horizontal lines in that ocean, click on that and the side bar should appear.

I'm hoping Friday's Words for Wednesday story will follow on from where I left off. 
I'm looking at the words and they are laughing at me. (*~*)


  1. I read it all through yesterday and it was a treat to see it all unfolding from start to where you are at now. Thanks for posting it in its entirety. You really need to see about getting this published when you are finished.

    1. only slightly confused; it can't be published in the regular way, since it has already appeared on the internet here, in stages, but if I can save enough $$$, I may be able to self-publish.

  2. Replies
    1. messymimi; thank you, there's even more to come. I'm still churning this week's words through my brain.

  3. Take a short break, and the words may be more cooperative when you come back to them. Or shuffle them into a different order. Says Val, who has never tried to write a story using a list of words, but is not shy about dishing out questionable advice.

    1. Val; I take short breaks all the time, the words appear on Wednesdays, then I bash out something with a few minutes to spare before I schedule it to appear on Fridays. So Thursdays are my 'break' time, when I spend most of the day procrastinating.

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