Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I used to look forward to getting older

The kids would be grown and gone, well that's happened already; I wouldn't have to go to work every day; I could get up and go to bed when I pleased. Up at 4am and back in bed by noon? Oh wait, I do that now. Ignoring the grey hair overtaking the dark blonde.

What I didn't count on was the aches and pains.

I used to go out in the yard and spend an hour or so crawling around on the lawn pulling out weeds. I do love a prickle free lawn to walk on with bare feet. I'd prune the odd bush or two.
Well, today I noticed the weeds growing rampant in the sideyard. Since it hasn't rained for a couple of days, the area is no longer so wet as to be muddy, not yet dry enough to have set hard. The weeds should come up nice and easy.
Kitted myself out with a pair of gardening gloves, a weeding fork and a bucket to put the weeds in.
Less than ten minutes later, (10 minutes!!), I had to give up. My already damaged shoulder was almost crying, and the lower back wouldn't straighten up until I'd hobbled around for a half hour, gradually becoming more upright.
I washed the fork, hung up the gloves, emptied the bucket into the greenwaste bin.
Went inside and wrote Roundup on the shopping list.

I don't like this not being able to move freely. I used to walk for miles. I used to dance. ( a little jazz ballet, for fun).
I think it's time I looked into some type of Physio or massage therapy.


  1. Oh crap.
    Actually, that's one reason I got the chickens. I figured that they could do the weeding for me.

  2. Bugger, River :(
    Find a good physio and maybe look at water exercises, they're gentle.

  3. YES - get your physical stuff looked at (if you know what I mean). But also use round up - no point expending energy if something else can do it for you!

  4. Thanks, girls. I'll definitely be looking into the physio soon. I want to look into whether or not I qualify for a Health Care Card first. Being a low income earner, I might get one, then the physio would be cheaper, so more accessible for me.
    Jayne, water exercises sound like fun, but I don't own a swimsuit.
    Kath, my physical stuff gets looked at all the time. Ha Ha. I've been whistled at while walking along Portrush Road. Poor guy must have been half blind.....