Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, July 2, 2010


We all know that I love watching The Big Bang Theory.
What do you mean you didn't know?
Let's start over.
For those of you who don't know, I love to watch The Big Bang Theory.
It makes me laugh, (and I so love to laugh), and occasionally throws out something that makes me think.

For instance, last night:
Raj: "let's go outside--outside is good"
Sheldon: "if outside is so good, why has man spent thousands of years trying to improve inside?"
Raj: "I don't know--It's a marketing scheme?"

I think Raj is right. Think about it.

Go all the way back to our caveman days; when Caveman A traded Caveman B a spare fluffy mammoth skin rug for something that Caveman B had that would improve Caveman A's lifestyle. Maybe a smooth bowl carved out from a chunk of old tree trunk. Soon enough cavemen with skills in one area were busily trading their goods with other cavemen whose skills lay in other areas. Life was good.
Now, I'm not sure exactly when money came into the picture or even why, who wants to swap a lovely fluffy mammoth skin rug for a handful of small cold metal objects? But money did appear and those who didn't have any wanted some, those who had some wanted more.....and marketing as we know it came about.
So there it is. Life now is based on a giant world wide marketing scheme.
Money and marketing make the world go round.
And round and ever frenzied circles.


  1. I love them all too, and Sheldon's mother is wonderful. Nerds rule.

  2. I love Sheldon's mother! Leonard's mother now, oh dear lord, where to start...

  3. Our current favourite show- all three of us love it. I wonder if Sheldon - the self-proclaimed 'Homo Novus' - will ever fall in love?

    Do he and Lesley Winkle fight too much so as to avoid revealing what they really feel?

  4. Haha . . you've got a point although I'd rather a mammoth skin right now. Since many of my younger friends are in fact rather geeky, the show has resonance. Love it. Excuse me for a moment, I need to urinate.

  5. Kath, I think they fight because Lesley is matured and more in touch with the world, while Sheldon is still chidishly convinced that no-one could possibly be smarter than he.

    Baino, ha ha, I also need to...oh bugger it! Let's not get pretentious here; I have to wee.