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Friday, July 16, 2010

why?, why?, why?

When I was a young mum, I heard many tales on how to stop babies and toddlers from sucking their thumbs.

The previous two generations of mums had spent weeks, months, even years, discouraging thumb sucking; mostly because of fears of dental misalignment, or decay.

(anyone out there know how to remove this annoying underlining?)

So when I found these on the supermarket shelf I was dumbfounded.

These flavoured gel suckers, (oh look, the underlining is gone. How'd that happen?), made in China, come in 3 flavours. Strawberry, (pink), Cola, (blue), and Apple (green).

First on the ingredients list is sugar, followed by glucose syrup. Definitely not good for the teeth..

These are designed to sit on a child's thumb, via a hole in the base, so imitating the undesirable trait once desperately discouraged by so many mums.

Like so...(it's a little blurry, my hands were shaky)

I think this is just as wrong as the flavoured dummies, (pacifiers), brought out several years ago. I believe they came in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Plus, the guy on the wrapper looks evil. To me anyway.

I hope these thumbsuckers don't stay around too long. So far I haven't sold any, but then most of my customers are adults on their way to work.


  1. I hope my kids don't spot these anywhere because I'm gonna say NO. What a terrible idea!

  2. Yuck!
    It wrecks the kids' teeth, gawd knows what these would do.

  3. FAIL on all levels including the fact that they are made in China from Goddess knows what.

  4. I saw these ghastly things when I was clubbing, recently.

  5. Toni; keep your kids out of the confectionary aisle...if you can. Bribe them with a movie, that'll work.

    Jayne; sugar rush anyone?

    JahTeh; ingredients: sugar; glucose syrup; water; flavours; acidulant; lactic acid; acidity regulator; sodium lactate; colours E104; E129; E132; E133; E171. That's the strawberry one.

  6. AJ; so the young adults are picking these up? Great. We all know how the littlies love to emulate the bigger kids.