Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

apple-y... crumbly

I'm determined to lose weight.

(again with the determination)

Mmpf, chew, swallow.....

I really need to lose about 15kg.

(I'll settle for 10)

Scoops up another spoonful of apple crumble, with cream......

My boobs keep getting in the way, they'd be smaller if I lost a few kg.

(They do say the boobs shrink first)

Mmm, this is yummy.....

Plus I want to look nice at the Bloggers Conference.

(Without buying larger jeans.)

There's a little bit left in the kitchen. I'll just finish it off........


  1. Confess -- you are really ME, aren't you?

  2. Oh I hear you, sister! Jere's my version:

    I run, so I can stay pretty much the same weight
    Therefore a family-sized block of milk chocolate with cornflakes and peanuts from ALDI is okay for morning tea, isn't it?
    I did do ten km today
    And had a salad sandwich and an apple for lunch
    So two Snickers bars and a Twix is just 'seeing me through' a difficult article I'm working on as my eyes get droopy post 3pm
    My feet still hurt
    The kitchen is clean and the lights are off and dinner has long been eaten
    "Who feels like some chocolate?" I ask Love Chunks and Sapphire, as though it's the first time of the day I've thought of such a thing.....

  3. Toni; no, no, no. I'm sure I'm me. Runs off to look in the mirror...

    Kath; A family-sized block of milk chocolate on your own? So that's where the running energy comes from....
    Did you have a little protein on your salad sandwich? Like cheese or ham/beef? A little protein at lunch helps to stop the 3pm droopiness. Well, according to my health book it does.I find a cup of coffee at 3pm works just as well.

  4. Haha. Link this to the Fat to Fit bloghop. All that dedication. Commitment. Drive!

  5. Melissa; not sure yet how to link a post to something else. I'm sure the Fat to Fit(ters) can get on without me.