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Monday, October 4, 2010

bags, bags, bags

Shoulder strap bags. I love them.

Usually I like my small backpacks, for hands free convenience.
But sometimes I prefer the shoulder bag. Still hands free, but the wallet, phone and keys are more easily accessible.

This little striped one was sent to me for my birthday. It's made from 100% Himalayan Hemp and my brother bought it when on holiday in Nepal last year.
It's great when I don't need to carry much more than the wallet, phone and keys. A small novel fits inside as well.

But sometimes it's too small. Sometimes I carry a larger book, notebook and pens, my camera, several dvd's that I'm swapping with my daughter K. Plus a bottle of water, (waiting for that bus is thirsty work...), the i-pod, sometimes even the laptop, flash drives, as well as the wallet, phone, keys.
Then I lug this big baby around. The bag that came with the computer.

When I'm carrying all that stuff without the laptop, that bag is just a little inconvenient. Sizewise. I was mentioning that very fact today when visiting K. I said I really needed something medium sized. She left the room and came back with this:

How about this? It's yours if you want it. Oh yes please! About the same width as the striped bag, but as deep as the laptop bag. And look! It has all these pockets.....

Plus, I like the Police Line strap.
Thanks K.
This is the one I'll be taking to Sydney.


  1. LOVE the last bag! You'll be a certifiably 'cool blogger with that one!

  2. Kath; It will be a way for people to identify me.
    "Which one is River?"
    "The one with the "police" bag".
    Ha Ha.

    Jayne; it holds such a lot too. There's room for everything.

  3. I loves me a choice of good bags with lots of pockets too!

    You're going to Sydney... for the bloggers conference?

  4. Mistress B; pockets are important if you want to separate your keys from the rubble that usually lives in the bottoms of bags. Yes, going to the bloggers conference. Sacrifices are being made. Chocolate, icecream, crossword magazines,all go bye-bye.