Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

cold weather=munchies

We've been having some wintry weather here this past week, grey skies, rain, cold winds.
COLD winds.

This is just after sunset two nights ago. The rain had started soon after I got home from work and kept up most of the night. This was taken through my kitchen window. Because I didn't want the camera to get wet, that's why.

Raindrops on the washing line.

After the sun goes down, my happy little home becomes icy cold inside.
It's almost like living in an igloo.
Shivering and goosebumpy, I put on my old tracksuit that I wear as pyjamas.
But I was still cold, so I put this on too.

And these. With fluffy socks.

Sat for an hour or so feeling the air around me getting icier, thinking maybe the planet had somehow rearranged its continents and we were now in Alaska.
I turned on the airconditioner, but when that didn't warm the room quickly enough,

I turned on the small radiator by my chair as well. Just until the room got warm enough.

While trying to get warm, I realised I was cold on the inside, in fact I had a serious case of the munchies, something that only happens when I'm really cold. And dieting.
I ate.
A sandwich. A handful of barbecue flavoured rice crackers. A fruit'n'cereal snack bar. An apple. Drank hot coffee. Made a small stack of pancakes and at last felt warm and full.
Sleepy too. And since it was 10pm by then, I went to bed.
Couldn't sleep though, in spite of being sleepy. What's up with that?? Not like me at all.
Finally fell asleep only to be woken up in the wee hours of the morning by the neighbours making quite a bit of noise. Opening and closing doors and drawers, showering, more opening and closing of doors etc.
So I fished around in my bedside drawer and found my earplugs and got back to sleep.
And slept and slept, slept some more, until I opened my eyes, glanced at the clock and realised I'd be late for work if I didn't get up right now.
The rest of today kind of went downhill from there, but I'm home now, the virus on my computer has resolved itself and I'm warm and comfortable. With a day off tomorrow.
Yay me!


  1. Food, warmth and sleep. What a beautiful combination! xxx

  2. Kymmie; there's nothing better.

  3. We've had our heater on all weekend too. Sapphire had Friday off due to coming back from her school camp in Canberra on Thursday and we didn't step outside of the house all day.

    ....come to think of it, we didn't do much yesterday or today either and I'm not complaining....