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you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, October 11, 2010

conversation was a little stilted

So, my brother R and his partner V have been in town.
They flew in for an engagement party; one of R's oldest friends was finally engaged.

Before coming to visit me, the two of them spent a little time sightseeing.
One of the places they went to was Hahndorf, a historic German village here in the Adelaide Hills.
I've been there myself, but not for many years and it's probably time I went again. To take photos of course, so you all can see how pretty it is there.
I'd visit the souvenir shops too and the bakeries.
Oh, the mouth is watering just thinking about them.

When R and V arrived at my home yesterday, they brought this with them.
From one of the Hahndorf bakeries.

Cherry and custard strudel. Such delicious yumminess! A thick layer of cherries, topped with a thin layer of custard, the whole wrapped in a yummy, almost cake like, pastry, then drizzled with white and chocolate icing.

We talked about what they'd been up to lately, R is out of work temporarily, V is still working. They'll be back in town for the wedding of the newly engaged couple.
I brought them up to date on my shoulder, how I'm hoping there's been enough improvement in the range of movement to enable the surgery to go ahead. I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow for assessment.

I saw photos of the house they've bought together in Freemantle, I showed them internet images of a house that's for sale that I'm in love with and would love to buy tomorrow, (yesterday), if only the Lotto draw would match the numbers on my ticket.

We discussed the Aussie Bloggers Conference, how women in America had been doing this for years,(Blogher), and now some very talented Aussie bloggers had arranged for us to have one here.
I showed them the website, said how much I would love to be there for this very first one.

I'm not good at small talk, so after that conversation flagged a little. Then V used my computer to book their flight seats back to WA, and told me about a website where I could look up the cheapest flights from Adelaide to Sydney and back again.

I showed them my blog, we talked a little about what a blog is, I showed R how to save a website to a favourites list, so that he didn't have to type in the address every time. I totally forgot to show them the latest photos of my grandchildren, so I emailed them this morning.

In spite of not knowing what to say, it was nice catching up with my brother and meeting V for the first time, I have to say she's very nice.

We drank coffee, ate strudel, by the time they left only a small piece was left, which I enjoyed as dessert after dinner later. Actually there was enough for two, so I cut it in half and ate one piece for me and the other piece for JahTeh, because I knew she would love it.


  1. Youse a cruel rotten River, you know that don't you?
    Back on the diet this morning and the first blog I visit has my downfall in loving colour.
    You and Lockett are going to be the death of me.

  2. JahTeh; but the strudel was a gift from my brother and everyone knows gifts don't have calories. So we're both safe.

    Jayne; it was very,very nice.

  3. Aaaaaah, the Hahndorf Bakery! I'm a bakery s**t from way back! And that's one of SA's finest!!

    Happy travels!!

  4. Sorry River, just catching up after a month there's a lot to get through. We're passing through Adelaide in April, young Jeffscape and I and if you come to Sydney, give me a bell and I'll shout you a coffee.

  5. Red Nomad OZ; I've pencilled in a Saturday in my diary to go to Hahndorf. I have a special reason for going and it's not just the bakery.

    Baino; I'll be in Sydney for the Aussie Bloggers Conference in March. Will I see you there? when you get to Adelaide I'll shout you a coffee.

  6. Strudel always helps with conversation :)