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Saturday, October 2, 2010

footy fever!!

This year's SANFL grand final is between the Redlegs, (Norwood) and the Bulldogs, (Central Districts).
I'm hoping Norwood wins.

One way or another, my family has been associated with the Norwood Football Club for quite some time.
#1 hubby joined the club within a year of us moving to Adelaide. (1986)
#1 daughter became a cheerleader, they were and are known as Redleggers.
# 1 son joined the cheer squad.

Me? I don't like sports much, so I stayed home with daughter # 2, and, in the beginning, son #2, but as he got older, he joined his dad at the oval most weekends.

Nowadays, they all do different things, being grown up and busy with their lives, so they don't go to the matches.

The Norwood populace, however, are right into the fever generated by the Grand Final.
Some have even decorated their homes.

Go the Redlegs!!

I'm told this is lit at night in the red and blue colours, but I haven't been to see it. I did plan to, but.......

Big red and blue bows on the porch.

Crepe paper billowing on the verandah.

Even the chimney got the treatment.

The trees on The Parade have been prettified with more crepe paper

along most of the shopping strip.

Even the local supermarket got in on the act!

Go Redlegs!!
P.S. Congratulations Collingwood.


  1. lol! Some people just love their footy!

  2. Mistress B; the only thing I care less about is all other sports. But if my supervisor's favourite team wins, she's happy all week. And that's a good thing.