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Thursday, October 7, 2010

help please?

Today a woman in the store asked if I could help her find something.

Yes, of course, what are you looking for?
It's a spice, my daughter in law wrote it down.

The woman showed me her list, which was a recipe for cookies.
She needed a Lebanese spice.

Something called Muhlib. (??)
Never heard of it, couldn't find it.

I don't know if she had the spelling correct or not,
and she herself had no idea what it might be in English.

If anyone out there has any idea, could you please help me out?
If the spelling looks familiar but is wrong, tell me?

I've googled Muhlib, also Lebanese Spices and come up with nothing.
So of course I'm now a little curious as to what this might be.

I sent her to another nearby supermarket,
suggesting that maybe they either had it or knew what it was.

If any of you read blogs from someone Lebanese,
could you maybe please ask them what it could be?


  1. Maybe this?

    Wikipedia definition for Mahlab

    It kind of looks like the type of thing that might be used in biscuits!!

    Thanx for the challenge!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; Thanks. I'll check the link straight away. If it seems like it could be the right thing I'll print it out and leave it at the desk tomorrow, because the woman said she might be back. Still not sure where she'd find it though, I'm positive our store doesn't carry it.

  3. Red Nomad; I think you hit the jackpot there.
    I hope she finds some somewhere. I think she wrote it down as she heard it from the daughter in law, that's why the spelling was wrong.

  4. Never heard of the spice. Now I'm interested in it as well.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  5. Fickle Cattle; welcome. I'm thinking I might check one of many recipe sites and find a Lebanese Cookie recipe that uses it. Then I'll see if I can find any to make the cookies with and find out if they're worth all the trouble.

    Kath; see above comment. Maybe these cookies will be ho-hum, maybe they'll be fantastic and become one of my regulars.