Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hey look!!

Hahndorf has a White House!!

Not as big as the American one, but much easier to get into.

It's a restaurant!!

The Birkenstock shop:-
-: has this amazing design painted on the entrance door.

Inside, I asked and was given permission to photograph some shoes.

I love how pretty they are.

Wine served and sold all day long...

and isn't this one of the prettiest Cellars you ever saw?

Udder Delights has free cheese tastings, which I didn't try since they were already quite busy, plus I knew it would take me forever to decide which cheese to try. They have so many choices.

As you can see it's also a licensed cafe.
The Udder Delights cafe is housed in this very lovely building.

Can you see the railing in the mid left there? By the long window.
Beyond that is this fairly steep old stone stairway leading down to what I assume is the cellar where the cheeses are stored.

Another old thingummy from days of yore.
Some type of press, but again, no signage indicating what it is exactly or when it was used.

Look at the twist on this verandah support. That's craftsmanship, that is.
I believe this building is a private residence, and it's clearly not as old as the heritage buildings.
It's more similar to Adelaide's Californian Bungalows in style.

We'll give the Hahndorf trip a rest for a couple of days, which means I'll have to rack my brains to come up with something else to write.....


  1. That 'press', in the 2nd last photo, is actually an old laundry wringer/mangle to wring the water out of the washing.
    There's a bit missing between the large screw in the arch at the very top and the two rollers - that's where you'd normally tighten it/loosen it to allow for thicker/thinner fabrics or articles.
    LOVE those Birkenstocks!

  2. Jayne; I thought it was a wringer, my mum had something similar before we got a washing machine, but with Hahndorf being a Mill town, I thought maybe I was mistaken. I guess even Mill towns had washer-women.

  3. I used to go into the Birkenstock shop, gaze lovingly at the flowery ones, look at the price tag, gave lovingly again and then walk slowly out ......

  4. Kath; I didn't bother looking at price tags, I was mesmerised by the prettiness.