Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love surprises

After a not so good day at work, (well, by day I mean my 4 hour shift,) I was glad to get out of there.
Little things had been going wrong and by the middle of my shift I was heard to say, "if I drop one more thing, I'm giving up and going home!"
I didn't give up of course, I need the money, but I did slow down a bit because my shoulder has been aching and my right knee was on strike.

So it was really lovely to get home and find a package for me in my mailbox.
From my good friend Kath, of Gone Chocco fame.
Hop on over and see her site, even if you're not a chocolate fan.

No doubt at all, that this was meant for me!

Inside was this cute little cheesecake card, which set my mouth watering, I haven't had cheesecake for months!!

Here's a closeup of the message:

Also included were these two little Gone Chocco badges.
Where's the other one? I hear you asking.

Right here on my bag of course, it's the perfect place for it.

Aaaaannnd.......drum roll please.....
A chocolate t-shirt.
A Gone Chocco chocolate t-shirt for me to wear on my daily walks.
Its debut appearance will be when I go shopping later this evening, after the sun goes down, because I've had enough glare for one day.
Thank you so much Kath. You've made my day.


Ann O'Dyne said...

Melbourne bloggers are a class act.
CHOCwoman is a champion of champions.

River said...

Ann; she is isn't she?

Kath Lockett said...

River, I'm getting all teary here. You are the SECOND South Australian to own me; my father is the first and gets all manner of smiles and comments when he's out power-walking every morning!

....I couldn't think of anyone who deserved SA Number Two more than you.