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Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm on a quest

As suggested, by Kath of Gone Chocco fame, I set out on a mini quest for a cinnamon-chocolate combination here in good old Adelaide.

First port of call - Haighs.
Adelaide's best known chocolate shop.

I didn't stare into the display cabinets and read all those descriptive little labels, I boldly walked straight up to the counter and asked the direct question.

"Do you make anything at all in a chocolate/cinnamon combination?"

The answer was no, they'd never even thought of that combination before.
The assistant I spoke to did ask if I'd like him to add that combo to the suggestions list?

"Yes, of course."

So maybe in time there will be a cinnamon/choc. combo from Haighs.
I'll keep checking back over the months.

Next stop - Swiss Glory. Once again, the direct question. This is a fairly small operation with a medium sized range of chocolates, cakes and pastries. (hello vanilla slices)
And the answer was No, nothing in a cinnamon/choc combination.

Then I wandered on down James Place to the imported sweets shop. Many old English favourites are to be found here at Blackeby's, and some American items too.

This is the big sign above the entrance,

this is one of the window displays,

this is the window on the other side of the entrance.

Inside I found and bought this little handful of pick'n'mix toffees.
Left to right:
Back row; Mary Jane is a peanut butter flavoured toffee, next a caramel cream bull's eye, the pink square on the right is a strawberry shortcake toffee.
Middle row; banana split, maple walnut, strawberri cream, (yes, with an "i")
Front row, a mini tootsie roll, and a licorice toffee.
I haven't yet tasted any of these.
Then, I spotted this:
A block of Chilli Cinnamon in Dark Chocolate. Sugarless, gluten free, dairy free.
I didn't buy this to try because it has chilli which I can't eat, also because it's $7.95 for only 80 grams, and I'm saving spending money for a day of sightseeing after the Bloggers Conference next March.
I completely forgot to read the label and find out where it was made and what other ingredients are in it.
Lastly, I went down the Mall to David Jones, where I rode the escalator downstairs to the Food Hall. I love this food hall, everything is so nicely presented.
I could spend hours just looking at packaging!
But again, there's no cinnamon/choc combo to be found.
There is however a large display cabinet where individual chocolates can be bought, made by Colefax. I think they're English.
I bought this:
A very delicious little coffee ganache chocolate. Which I ate as soon as I'd photographed it after arriving home.
That's a real coffee bean on top, very crunchy, I ate that first.
The milk button on top is a reasonable thickness, not too sweet, very creamy.
The dark chocolate cup is very nice, quite thin,but not too thin, and cracks up easily when bitten.
Inside is a very smooth, quite strongly flavoured coffee ganache filling.
Oh Yum!
I have another photo, showing teeth marks, the filling and the thickness of the milk button, but it seems I forgot to load that one.....
These delightful little choccies are $1.45 each.
To summarise; no cinnamon/choc combo's in Adelaide except for the chilli one.

So far. There's still Melba's in Woodside to check out, and The Cottage Box which I believe is in Murray Bridge.
Both of these are a bus ride away, so it will be a while before I get around to those.
I'll probably try googling a website first.


  1. I stay away from Gone chocco and you stab me in the back with a chocolate safari. All those shops and Haigh's too.

  2. Sounds like a ton of fun! I'd love to do a little chocolate shopping tour myself one day. Will have to remember that. Just for fun! :-) How much would my kids love that???

    Now I'm completely absorbed in that chocco bloggo thingo. The link in your post doesn't go there but I found them in your sidebar. Not sure whether to say thanks for that or not. LOL.