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Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've had my eye on these

Well, both eyes actually, since they first were displayed in the store. They're right beside the stack of customer baskets, so kind of hard to miss.

Made in the UK, they looked interesting and yummy, so I picked up one of each flavour on my way home last Friday.

Called Gu naughties, there are three flavours, left to right, Rocky Road, Millionaires Flapjacks, and Gu-ey Chocolate Rolls. The containers stand 12cm high and are 10cm across at the base, 11 1/2cm across at the top. Each holding 285g.

First up, the Chocolate Rolls:
"Irresistable little rolls of soft sponge with a heart of smooth fresh cream chocolate ganache, smothered in our rich and creamy 25% cocoa milk chocolate."

I cut one in half so you could see the heart of ganache is actually a swirl of ganache, then I ate it.
Hmmm, how to describe this? The sponge is definitely soft, almost like a praline filling and at first the ganache swirl tasted a little caramelly, so I thought it was caramel, until I read the description. The flavour overall is dense rather than strong, and reminiscent of a mudcake although much lighter textured. The chocolate coating is thin, cracks nicely if they've been in the fridge and doesn't detract from the taste and sensation of the filling at all. These would be a nice nibble with a cup of coffee alongside.

Next one; Millionaires Flapjacks: (who thought up this name I wonder?)
"An all-butter oaty flapjack covered in lashings of our gu-ey caramel and our rich and creamy 36% cocoa milk chocolate. So simple and so good, we can't understand why no one's done it before."
Her's one cut in half, you can clearly see the layers of oats making up the flapjack part, then there's a thickish layer of yummy caramel on top of that, the whole thing then coated in chocolate of uneven thickness. In case you can't see it clearly, the base of these is uncoated, which makes no difference at all, they're still yummy. The oaty part is ever-so-slightly crunchy and more golden looking than the photo indicates.
I wonder if the presence of oats would make these a healthy snack rather than a sweet indulgence?

I've saved the best for last. Rocky Road:
"Gu-ey caramel, juicy raisins and cherries, chewy marshmallows, crisp biscuit and loads of our rich and creamy 36% milk chocolate. Not the first Rocky Road, but u know what they say; it ain't what u Gu, it's the way that u Gu it."

Got the knife and cut one in half for your viewing pleasure. Fruit, biscuit, and marshmallow clearly visible, and held together NOT with chocolate as is usual for rocky road, but with caramel, which is an improvement I think. The bits are chopped very small, with the marshmallow being slivers instead of chunks, but the overall effect is nice. A little crunchy, a little soft.
Once again, the chocolate coating is uneven, but on these the base is coated, although very thinly.

In both of these last two, the caramel has a very slight hint of salt, not overly noticeable, but enough to cut the sweetness just a little.
In all of these, the chunks are about 3cm x 3cm and 2cm thick. Bite sized. Any bigger and I think the sweetness would be too much. For instance if these were candy bar sized, by the end of the bar, you'd feel like you'd had too much.

As indicated by the first image, all the "u's" have those two little dots above them, which I'm unable to replicate from my keyboard. I know there's a name for those two little dots, but I can't remember it and can't be bothered googling for it.


  1. Sounds like you've got most food groups covered there - carbs, fruits, nuts, fibre - and I'm sure cocoa is a vegetable!!

    Have one for me ...!!

  2. Ooooh I want the flapjack one! In the bad old days working for Bulldog, we had a lovely English lass there who'd make enormous slabs of flapjack (like a moist, chewy version of ANZAC biscuits with oodles of butter and golden syrup) and they'd be inhaled before morning tea time..... but to cover it with chocolate....!!!!

  3. Seems the poms don't know what a naughty is and I'm not surprised. In America a flapjack is a pancake but they don't know what a root is. Well whatever it's called, who cares. My preference is always for a quickie.

  4. Red Nomad OZ; the only thing missing there is protein, I'm sure I can take care of that by eating a slice of cheese first.

    Kath; with the layer of caramel between the flapjack and the chocolate, you'd love these even more. Want me to put one in an envelope and post it? Ha Ha

    R.H.; ummmm, errr, hmmmm....

  5. Hah I'm rather glad I don't have a sweet tooth. I'd be addicted if I did.

  6. Baino; more for me...

    Toni; that's it! Umlaut. You'd think I'd know that, being German and all. Try your local Coles, maybe they have them?

  7. BAD RIVER! I had to try these after you recommended them and they are SO more-ish! yum yum yum yum yum yum yum....
    there goes my weight-loss regime. Oh well.
    Yum yum yum yum yum.....