Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, October 25, 2010

sharing the love

Veronica, of Sleepless Nights fame, and her Mum, Kim, from Frog Ponds Rock, have decided to resurrect an older blogging custom called Sharing The Love.

This is done by once a month posting a link to a blog you like and telling everyone else why you like it.

My very first love linky goes to Kath Lockett, who writes over at

When I bought this computer back in 2007, a local writer, Samela Harris had a column in The Advertiser every Saturday called Net Adventures, in which she listed websites she'd found interesting and a little bit about each one. Through this column I found Kath. I'd never come across blogs before, didn't even know about them.

I typed in the address and a whole new world opened up for me.

From the very first post I read, Kath made me laugh, think, and occasionally cry. After reading for about a week, I figured out how to leave a comment, then how to link back to her archives, which I immediately did and read forward until I was all caught up. Kath writes about her family, husband Love Chunks, daughter Sapphire, herself and her parents, also her many friends. She also writes about her job, her hobbies, one of which is solving "mysteries" about her local suburb, and just life in general.

I wanted more. Other people left comments, maybe they had blogs too? How would I find them? I had no idea. One day, quite by accident my cursor was sitting on the name of a commenter and I realised it was a link to this other person. Light bulb moment!! I linked and read this new post I'd found, then went back to the comments section and in turn linked to all Kath's other commenters. I soon had favourites where I went through the archives and read every word they'd written. I felt like I was getting to know these people, when I left comments and was welcomed I felt I'd found friends.

I'd discovered the blogosphere, blogland, the world of blogging!
So many writers, so many stories, so many varied interests and styles. I loved them all.

In time I was inspired to start my own blog, I wasn't sure the effort would last long, I'm not a writer, but I wanted to try. I wanted to write things that other people would want to read.
I soon learned how to insert photos into my blog and this has helped me. When inspiration fails, I can put up a photo and write something about it.

So this is a thank you, first to Samela Harris, and second to Kath Lockett, who also has a second blog, Gone Chocco, where she writes about chocolate, good, bad, indifferent, whatever the chocolate, her reviews are funny.


  1. And very happy we are to have you writing in blogville, too, River ;)

  2. And if not for you, I'd never have looked at Kath's blogs (by following the same technique that you did)!!

    Happy travels!

  3. Jayne; thank you :)

    Red Nomad OZ; She's a great writer isn't she?

  4. You're nice looking
    I'm driving over.

    Start cooking.

  5. I will go and have a look at her blog right now, thanks :)

  6. River. Thank you. I'm too choked up to type much more. Maybe it's time to reveal that starting that blog in October 2005 sort of saved my life because I was recovering from Breakdown One (of two that I had) and wondered if typing out some of my thoughts might be worth trying...

    It so is. Thank you.

  7. R.H. Thank you.

    Kim; you won't be disappointed.

    Kath; I'm so glad you started blogging and continued. I know it's helped you a lot and it's helped me too. I've learned a lot about how other people cope, how they do things that take them out of their comfort zone, which has encouraged me to do the same.

  8. Aww I love Kath too. She's one of the early blogs I visited and even in the face of desperation, she's so funny. I'm proud to have met her too, we had a lovely evening in Melbourne. I think Kath probably had a lot to do with you starting to blog as well, you resisted for such a long time and I'm so glad you did.