Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

sorry I'm late

It's been an odd kind of day.
I planned on sleeping late, since I didn't have to be at work until 10am.
Well, that didn't happen, I woke up at 6.45.

I pottered around, cooked my porridge, (ate it too), made my bed, took a look at my pots of seeds, which aren't showing the slightest sign of life apart from the beans which are starting to climb already.
I must remember to plant more seeds.
I knew I had some shopping to do, but I also knew that if I went to Coles and shopped, then I wouldn't want to be bothered going back by 10 to start my shift.

So I dithered around for another couple of hours, did my shoulder exercises like a good girl, ouch, they still hurt, and I don't seem to be making any more progress with the shoulder movement.

When I eventually got to work, having been up doing nothing much for quite some time, I was feeling a bit tired. Boredom will do that to you.

I felt like I was doing my work in a dream. The store was very busy, as is normal for Saturdays from about 10am onwards. It seems that Saturday is still the main shopping day for families.
Several staff members had called in sick, so there was a shortage, especially when the shoppers would all turn up at once to the checkout area.

Why does this happen I wonder? There will be people all over the store with trolleys or baskets, even people who have rushed in for "just a couple of things", so they don't bother with a basket, but then on the way around they'll spot other things they either need or want and get those too.
Watching them juggle armfuls of stuff while trying to pick up just one more thing is quite funny.
If I happen to be doing the basket collecting, I'll sometimes offer them a basket, only to have them say, Oh no thanks, I'm fine. So I walk away as they chase that tin of soup they've just dropped.
But I digress. These customers are all over the store, with no-one checking out.

Then it's as if a buzzer goes off in all their heads at once and like a mob of sheep they all follow each other to the front of the store, lining up at all available checkouts. The staff there work as fast as they can, but the odd customer still gets a little impatient. Maybe if they'd headed to the checkout earlier they'd be out by now? Most of them are happy enough to stand in line and chat to everyone else.

Because I felt like I wasn't really there, all this seemed like I was dreaming and I kept wanting to wake up and still be home.

Eventually my shift was over and I came home, changed my shirt and headed straight back to do my own shopping. Grabbed my granny trolley and off I went, zipped around the aisles, checked out and finally was home for the rest of the day. I planned on reading the paper, reading a few blogs, checking my email, but my feet insisted on a rest first so I lay down on the couch and promptly fell asleep!

Woke up about a half an hour ago...... and just like that, *snap*, the day is gone!


  1. Despite the day being just about gone, you've sure managed to pack a lot into it! From my perspective, anyway ...

    Happy travels!!

  2. Red Nomad OZ; yet I have a to-do list that hasn't even been looked at, much less done.

  3. The Check out Impatience is a lot like Road Rage = utterly pointless. In both scenarios I daydream and people watch because in the scheme of things, neither takes that makes time out of my life.

    I have a 'To Do' list before starting my new job on 8/11 and, sadly, most of it has been uncrossed!

  4. Kath; I agree checkout impatience is pointless. People have been shopping for years, they should know by now that there will be a waiting period, especially in supermarkets, and plan their time accordingly. A few times I've had someone in a tearing hurry because they have an appointment "now" and I've casually mentioned that perhaps they should have kept the appointment first and shopped after it.
    I'm currently working on yesterday's to-do list, having wisely not made one for today.

  5. It must be a universal thing as my check-out girl said exactly the same thing to me last shopping day. I always check behind me to see if there is someone with a small basket because it's ghastly to wait behind me with a tonne of cat food going through.