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Friday, October 22, 2010

Thai Chicken Satay

I tried this for dinner tonight. It looked quick and easy, only 2 minutes in the microwave, see? right there on the packet. I like satay, and it was on special, 2 for $6.

Inside is this cute little lunchbox,

containing two easy-open foil pouches and a plastic spoon. One pouch has the rice, the other has the chicken satay. Now, usually, when packaging says easy-open, I wrestle it for about 5 seconds before reaching for the scissors. But these really are easy-open. Tear across the top easy.

Here is the dinner straight out of the microwave.
I added the vegetables myself, because I like vegetables, and for the vitamin/mineral/fibre content. Also for the colour, since a brown dinner looks dull and unappetising.

Eat from the container so there's no dishes to wash up, or go fancy and dump it on a plate. Which you then have to wash up. Unless you have minions to do that for you.
If you wash the lunchbox, which is reasonably sturdy, you have it to use again, for snacks at work, for freezing individual portions of casseroles or whatever. Or just for left-overs in the fridge.


  1. Your post raises an interesting (to me!!) question. Why are 'throwaway' containers more durable than permanent ones? I've got a Chinese takeaway container I use for fridge/freezer storage all the time as it's a handy size. I've had it about 5 years and inherited from someone else who'd already used it a few times. And yet, the 'purpose produced' containers seem to split/fall apart after only a few uses?? Why? WHY??!?!?

  2. Red Nomad OZ; I have a mix of takeaway and purpose produced containers and haven't really noticed much difference. It doesn't seem to matter what I use them for either.

  3. You've got the satay up the wrong end, it should be next to the rice, stop jumping hurdles!

  4. R.H. it is next to the rice, the peas and corn have just been sprinkled on top. Happy?

  5. No! That's not a meal, it's a fraud. It's like when my father-in-law sprinkled bits of cast iron on top of a ute load of cheap metal to make it all look like cast iron but the scrap metal dealer was onto him and he came undone. You've pulled the same trick. What a scam!

  6. You couldn't buy a takeaway meal that nice for $3 and you get the container to use afterwards. I sometimes store chocolate in mine, especially after I've sampled, opened, snapped, half-eaten them and they're now in various squares, rows and shards.....