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Saturday, October 9, 2010

zombie walk

Today (this evening), is Adelaide's annual Zombie Walk.

Each year, people dressed as Zombies gather in one of our parks, then proceed to walk around a pre-arranged route around the city.
Each person participating brings an item of non-perishable food to donate to FOODBANK SA.

This is an organisation that helps homeless or low income families by giving food where necessary and by delivering food hampers at Christmas to those that would otherwise have nothing.

I planned on going this year (had my non-perishables ready), and taking photos along the way, but had to stay home with back pain.

You see, my brother, R, who I rarely see, is coming to visit me tomorrow, bringing his girlfriend, V, whom I have never met, so I thought I should clean up the pigsty a little.

All was progressing nicely, then I vacuumed the floors. When I tried to straighten up, I found I couldn't.
Bugger! My back had done its thing, just like it always does. So I hobbled over to the couch and laid flat with my legs up over the arm rest and fell asleep.

Since waking up, I've walked around the yard a bit, done some gentle stretching, had dinner, (pancakes, yum), and now I don't feel quite so achy and stiff. But I'll be sleeping with a hot water bottle tonight.

So, I've missed the Zombies, but I'll be there next year, with camera.


  1. Damn zombies. They're everywhere.

  2. Jayne; I've had to give up on the Voltaren, agagin. I can only take it for so long, then I start to get queasy stomach from it. So it's Panadol for now.

    Toni; I wish I'd seen them. Definitely going next year.

  3. It sounds like fun. Too bad you missed it but you definitely don't want to do any more damage to your back. Enjoy your visitors in any case.

  4. Pegasus Kelly; I'm used to my back doing its own thing. I sprained it waaaaay back in 1986 and it has never behaved itself properly since. By now, I know when I need to lie down and when I can "work through it".

  5. Hi River,

    A Zombie Walk? That sounds like a real laugh. We should do that in Manchester. Mind you, there are areas of the city where you probably wouldn't notice the difference.




  6. Did Kerryn Goldsworthy march?
    She's an actual zombie.

  7. Plasman; contact your local council, maybe you can get one started.

    R.H.; I don't know who walked, I watched the news, but there wasn't any mention of it. I know my grand daughter walked.