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Monday, September 3, 2012

Aussies with Kindles and Whispernet

A question for all Australians, well, the ones who read this blog, how many of you have a kindle?

Are any of you experiencing a problem with Whispernet?
I've heard from a reliable source that several others in Adelaide have this problem, which is a relief since it means my actual much loved Kindle itself isn't faulty.
I'd like to hear from any of you about this, and from interstate readers too.
Whispernet is the wireless system used to very quickly, (about two minutes per book),  download books purchased from Amazon to your Kindle device.

My Whispernet connection has been unavailable to me for several weeks now.

The alternative method of getting the books is to buy them, download them to my laptop, send them to my kindle documents page, then transfer them to kindle via usb connection.
I knew this, but wasn't having any luck getting the books transferred.

My daughter K, little genius that she is, came to my rescue, (she of the Firefox switcheroo set up), went through the process and discovered a step I'd not realised needed doing. Half an hour later, several new books were installed on my Kindle.

It's an unsatisfactory process, because of the number of steps involved and the length of time it takes.
But it does get the job done. 

There is a message on the Amazon Kindle site, I think it's in the "manage your kindle" link, that indicates an update must be downloaded, (and perhaps downloading will set the whispernet going again), but, a big but, it needs a wi-fi connection to download.
I don't have one.

So, do any of you have a problem with no whispernet?
Do you know why?
How do I get it back?


  1. I have a kindle but use our wifi to download books.

    Hope you get it sorted.


  2. No Kindle here but do you know about Forums?
    If you Google 'Kindle Forum' or similar words you will have several to choose from. It may take a little while and a bit of mucking about but you will either find or can ask your question there.
    Asking a Q usually means joining the page (free)but Forums are people just like us and all over the world, a good way of getting answers from real people

  3. Not in Aus, but I does have a kindle without the wifi connection at home, when I want to download or update, I usually head off to one of the hotels or bars locally that has wifi, and treat myself to a coffee and scone, or muffin while I let the things download. Would this be an option for you?

  4. Us dinosaurs who read paper books don't have such problems!! In fact, the only problem I've had reading on the road is finding an op shop with a book or two that I actually want to read!!!

  5. peskypixies; I'm sure it will be sorted eventually, but you all know me, I'm impatient and want it sorted yesterday!

    Tempo; yes, I know about forums. They're about as useful as google, unless you like umpteen pages of conflicting advice.

    The Wicked Writer; I thought about that and actually looked up Adelaide wifi hot spots, discovering several near me. So off I went one Sunday morning to have breakfast at Macca's, hoping that my books would download while I ate. Didn't work. But the hotcakes were nice! I'll take advantage of K's wifi to download the update in a couple of weeks and see if that helps.

    Red Nomad; real books are great, I spend lots of time in secondhand bookshops. I love my kindle, but use it mostly for the convenience of lighter weight/more books travel to and from work. And it will be great on trains etc if I take a holiday, I won't have to carry an extra suitcase full of books.

  6. No Kindle and no Whispernet. Just popping by to say 'Hello' really :)

  7. Kath Lockett; welcome back! You've been on holiday I see, roaming around Europe with your Mum and Dad. What fun!