I got on the bus and saw..

(sitting in my spot!)

 ...a t-shirt that got my attention.
I just had to get the man's attention and tell him I loved his shirt.

The shirt?
Long-sleeved black hoodie.
With a white silhouette image and white lettering.

The image was a canoe with four men paddling.

The words?

"paddle faster, I hear banjos"

Ha ha!


  1. That's a ripper. Even people who were born after the movie was released will probably get it.

  2. ha ha, living in the mountains of Arkansas growing up, I knew right away what it was from :)

  3. Andrew; I remember turning away halfway through the movie, it just horrified by it.

    halloweencouple; I knew people would get it.

  4. Elephant's Child; I thought so too.

    Tempo; perhaps you could post it so everyone can see it.

    Red Nomad; I was getting on the bus with people behind and in front of me, I couldn't hold them up while searching in my bag for my camera.

    CarrieBoo; I liked it. But I didn't like the movie.


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