I have an issue...

...with a few of the blogs I like to read.

I won't mention which ones they are, that's not necessary.

Here's my issue.
I read these blogs every time a new post pops up in my sidebar.
Then I read all the comments.
No problem there.

Very occasionally, I am moved to leave a comment myself.

Then the next time I read a new post on that blog, there is no comment button (link) to be found.
A few posts later, there is still no comment button.
Eventually there is a post with a comment button and I can read the comments again.
And again and again, until one day, I'll leave a comment.

Lo and behold! Next post, no comment button again. 

It's happened often enough that I'm now convinced they don't want my comments.
I won't comment. 
Ever again. 
But I will still read your posts.


  1. Haven't come across this problem yet although i know one blog i follow only contains the post and followers link and nothing else very strange indeed.

  2. I sometimes need to look very closely to discover a comment button. If they just could be all alike...

  3. It better not be mine....I LIKE comments.

  4. River that is crazy, I have never seen it before.

    One thing I wonder is about e-mail...I have tried to converse with you by replying back to your comment through my e-mail before and I'm not sure if you get them?

  5. There are some strange things that happen in cyberspace and I have had similar things happen. Like there is a comment button but when I click on it I can't actually type in the leave a comment space. I do know that some people turn comments off on particular posts as well, but then normally that means no one can comment. Hope it sorts itself out soon. xx

  6. Strange. I doubt anyone is actively locking you or others out of comments. Do you try going to the actual blog to comment? I use Google Reader to read blogs, but very rarely is there a comment button there. I have to go to the blog to comment.

  7. This happens to me too sometimes and it isn't always the same blogs. I can't figure it out.

  8. Windsmoke; yes, there are a few that only have the post, but they're always like that. No chopping and changing.

    Joanne Noragon; I've done a fairly careful search, some blogs have the comment button at the top, right under the title, some way down the bottom, on some it doesn't appear until the post is fully loaded.

    Delores; yours is always there. I like comments too

    Jennifer Kay; I have had an occasional email from you and I think I replied back once. Other times, I'll have emails from people and when I try to send a reply my computer has a hissy fit and cannot send. Sometimes emails go straight to my spam box; I really should check that before emptying it.

    Kakka; when people turn comments off, there is usually a "comments closed" message.

    Andrew; I've done both, actual blog and google reader. It's not a big deal, just a minor irritation if I want to add a comment. They get plenty of other comments anyway. They don't need mine.

    Happy Elf Mom; with me it is always the same blogs. They're big blogs with a large following, so they don't need my two cents worth anyway.

  9. And I shall refuse to leave a comment on your too... so there!

  10. No, it is not a minor irritation. But I still don't think it is anything proactive by the blog writer. Of course they need your comment as you are a serious blogger and you have things to say.

  11. Me too, me too. It happens on the same blogs for me each time it happens. Though there are a couple where I have to do detective work to find out how to comment. Hiss and spit. I thought it was for just one post, but sometimes it continues and sometimes it doesn't. Comments are lovely.

  12. Cro Magnon; I haven't been to your blog for a while. I'll get there.

    Andrew; just a glitch then? and you're right, my comments are precious, little jewels of wisdom. ha ha.

    EC; you've noticed it too? Not just me then. I was beginning to think maybe it was because my comments don't always echo the yes men. I love comments, they're like little conversations with friends.

  13. after 2 beloved bloggers told me they couldn't comment at mine, I changed the Comments box settings, but really, it is all too hard. I'm blaming 'New Improved' blogger.
    X X

  14. That's frustrating isn't it?

  15. That's so frustrating isn't it, I hope my blog behaves for you, I love your blog, easy to comment!!!


  16. Ann O'Dyne; I don't think the type of comment box has anything to do with it, although I do remember the original Disqus was hard to use.

    peskypixies; it is a little frustrating, but these blogs have so many followers and commenters they won't miss me at all.

    Farmer's Wifey; your blog, which I love, is always easy to comment on.

  17. Cool it man. you're sounding like a tearful drunk.
    Maudlin, that's the word. Something has upset you, is it that Coles assistant manager who doesn't know you're alive? Never mind, there are plenty more specials in the supermarket of life.

    Poor RH is nearing his use-by date. Yes. But still fresh.


  18. River,
    I actually came back this time to see if you commented back to me and lo and behold you had!

    I wonder when you talk about some of the big blogs you are having trouble with...it makes me curious as to which blogs you read? I have a couple "big names" I read regularly and just curious if they were the same. Post sometime about the blogs you read, I would find it interesting.

  19. R.H. I'm cool man! I'm so cool I'm chilled. Really, it's a minor irritation and I had nothing else to write about.

    Jennifer Kay, I won't name them here or on the blog, I'm not one to cause trouble. They're locals, Australians, I don't read many of the really big overseas ones. All the blogs I read are in my sidebar.

  20. That's what I thought.

    RH always has something to write about.

  21. How very odd. I know how to disable comments completely, didn't know you may be able to stop certain people from commenting. Too much hassle anyway!

  22. I've noticed Blogger has gone a bit random of late. Some of my add-ons work sporadically without me changing anything. Like many of the others, I don't think excluding a specific person from commenting is possible. You CAN block specific people from accessing your blog - but that's a separate issue! Please email me if you can't leave comments for me - it's SO appreciated that you do!!

  23. R.H. you always have something to write about, yet you don't have a blog?

    Fenstar de Luxe; I think they're disabling comments completely, it just seems odd that it's always done straight after I've left a comment, the next post has no comment link. It isn't possible to exclude individual persons.

    Red Nomad; Your comments are always accessible, which makes me happy because I love seeing my country through your eyes. You're right, excluding a specific person is not possible.


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