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Thursday, September 6, 2012

I sneezed...and dropped stuff...

alternative title.....Spring is lovely, but she's a bi*** to live with.

It's hayfever season.
Trees are covered in blossom, the Jasmine buds are richly pink and getting fat.
Any day now, the Jasmine will bloom and my sinuses will be in trouble.
I've stocked up on antihistamines. Lots and lots of antihistamines.
I fear I won't have enough, since this hayfever season is predicted to be the worst we've had for quite some time.
Tuesday's strong winds kicked off my sniffles by blowing pollens in all directions. I woke up that morning with stuffy sinuses and have spent the entire days since then sniffling, blowing, sneezing. My nose is raw and my whole face aches from the pressure.
I've been taking double doses of antihistamine and I'm close to being a zombie.
This will pass.

Anyway, back to my original story.
I've decided it's time to update my i-pod playlist. 
I'd deleted many of my favourite songs, since I only had the small 512MB shuffle, which didn't hold a lot of songs, then the old computer got retired and I didn't get around to loading many new songs into the new one.
Even though I've had it now for over two years.
Along with a third-hand 30GB i-pod. 
I'm such a lazy-bones.......

I have an in between size i-pod, but it only works through windows media player. And it won't hold all my songs.

This week, I decided the time had come.
I climbed onto the small step-ladder and reached into my top-of-wardrobe section for my stored cds.

See that empty cardboard box? It was filled with cds.

Each handful I brought down was stacked on the chest of drawers ready for transference to the lounge room.

When I thought I had a good grip on the last handful, I sneezed. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

cd's shot in all directions.

None were damaged, although several cases fell apart.

They're all stacked on the bookshelf behind me now and on the weekend the fun part begins.
Checking them off against the songs I already have in the i-tunes, so that I don't double up, then loading up the rest, and transferring them all to the i-pod.

Should keep me busy for the entire weekend, maybe longer.


  1. Hi River,

    Poor you. I know how you feel because I suffer from hay fever too.

    Just make sure you are not holding your iPod during the hay fever season. My poor iRiver jukebox met its maker because I dropped it earlier this year :-( (but that was due to my own clumsiness rather than a mistimed sneeze).




  2. Just imagine if you grabbed the whole box of cds then sneezed.

  3. You poor thing. Hugs

  4. Takes me back to the really old days, transferring my records to 8track tapes. Even better, I recently asked my daughter if her husband would like my CD collection to add to his. "Um, no, he collects songs on his ipod now."

  5. Oh what fun...I've gone through that process and digitised all my music including tapes and records. (god help me if it ever all gets lost) I dont think I could go through that again. Have fun now...

  6. Poor, poor River. I had a dreadful time with hayfever season until I had a course of densensitising injections. Not a lot of fun at the time, but they worked wonders.
    Good luck with the transfer - I am full of awe - I don't even have an ipod.

  7. Plasman; not much chance of dropping this one. It lives in the speaker dock on the lounge room shelf unit.

    Windsmoke; I couldn't grab that whole box! It's way too big and heavy and up too high to safely lift down on my own. Hence the handfuls of cds.

    peskypixies; thanks. Thank goodness hayfever season only lasts for most of the year for me. I get winters off.

    Joanne Noragon; I remember transferring records to tapes, they never sounded as good. Then when cds came in, I still had a tape playing walkman, so borrowed cds from my daughter and transferred those to tapes too. Then the walkman died, so I bought my first ipod.

    Tempo; I still have soe records that need digitising, but I no longer have a record player to do this. There are people around who can do this for me, but it's just as easy to buy the songs from i-tunes.

    EC; I've thought about desensitising injections, but I'm not sure. I'm allergic to so many different things, will I end up looking like a pincushion? And is it expensive and time consuming? You know what? You've brought this to the front of my mind and I'm going to look into it. I'm sick of spending many months in a zombie state.

  8. Is it wrong of me to chuckle at the result of your big sneeze...?

    I had hayfever until my polyps were removed from ALL of my sinuses a few years ago, but it returned when we moved here to Switzerland. I'm hoping that it was just my schnozz getting used to new flowers and trees and it hasn't got used to the idea of making misery a regular three month event. I hope your anti-Hs work for you!

  9. Oh, I hear you. I'm quite the little sneezer myself...


  10. Those thin plastic cases are quite slippery. Grab them the wrong way and they just squirt all over the place. Hope your allergies get some relief soon.

  11. Kath Lockett; go ahead and laugh, I don't mind at all. I'm giving serious thought to the desensitising injections. I hope your hayfever doesn't get bad again.

    Pearl; here, have a box of tissues....

    Delores; they are very slippery. I'll be sniffling and stuffy-headed until about Easter, unless I keep up with the antihistamines.

  12. Oh dear... what a mess! Lucky none were damaged... hope you managed to get it all done.