Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

shimmery pink polish

A long time ago, I wrote about the Avon lady who knocked on our door and was invited in by my Dad, who then bought for me a bottle of shimmery pink nail polish called Dawn Pink. I loved it instantly, even though I was never much into girly stuffs, being more of a beach bum, tree climbing type.
When it was all used up, I kept that empty bottle for years.

Recently, I was in my local chemist waiting and looking around while a prescription was being filled, and I spotted a very similar colour nail polish in a bargain bin.
The shimmer is more silvery than golden, but it was only $2 a bottle!

Well of course I bought it.

And here it is on my short, broken nails.


  1. Very nice colour! It suits you, River.

  2. It is quite a subtle colour. Nice.

  3. Hey River,
    Nice one. Sure got to hand it to you. You nailed it with this one.
    Which reminds me, time for me to get some new nail polish :)
    Have a peaceful weekend.

  4. Awww. Sweet. It's really hard to grow long nails, though. But, then the bottle will last twice as long.

  5. drb; thank you, it should look nice against a summer tan too.

    Andrew;I've always found subtle is better on short nails. Younger people can get away with brighter colours.

    klahanie; ha ha. Thank you.

    Joanne Noragon; I'm constantly catching the nails on things at work and the constant tapping on the touch screens there isn't helping either. They were never strong nails to start with, which I find odd, because my toe nails almost need a chain saw to cut them.

  6. Ah the Avon Lady.....purveyor of tiny pots of creamy fragrance and roll on bottles of delicate scent. Some of those bottles are now collectibles..yikes..they were so new and exciting to me back in 1964/65. I used to love their nail held up so well.

  7. Such a lovely subtle colour. Elegant too.

  8. R.H. thank you. I like it.

    Delores; I remember them well. My mum was one for a while. She took me around with her for a while. I'd have a different colour polish on each nail so any customer could see just what they looked like. Different blushes on each cheek too. That was the summer I discovered perfume.

    EC; I prefer subtle elegance to flashy.

  9. Wow, looks nice and the nails aren't that bad, I have seen worse lol. What is it about toe nails and chainsaws? Mine are crazy hard.

  10. Gorgeous! Who would know your nails were short/broken if you hadn't mentioned it?!?!