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you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

5 bandaids later...

I was crawling around on my hands and knees in a dimly lit area, ( really should change that light globe), picking up shards of something broken....

I moved forward, put my hand down....
on something sharp sticking up off the floor.

ow ow ow!

The edge of a broken cd cover had gouged into the side of my hand and left a hole with a strip of hanging skin. Which I cut off with kitchen scissors.

I held it under running water, then in a clean towel while I tried to open a bandaid without dropping the towel and dripping blood everywhere.

Got the wound covered then kept on picking up bits and pieces.....thinking back now, I probably should have just swept everything into a dustpan.....but sometimes my brain takes itself off on a little holiday.

The gouge wasn't very big, nor very deep, but that damn thing bled like a stuck pig.
Right through the first bandaid in about two minutes.
I changed bandaid after bandaid and it has finally dried up.

Want to see?

That's the side of my hand.
With a hole in it.


  1. It can be pretty difficult getting a bandaid on your own hand while you are still bleeding. Keep a bandaid for a few days as it so easy to knock you hand and start it bleeding all over again.

  2. Oh, yea. Keep a band aid on that puppy for a bit.

  3. Andrew; I'm a fast healer. The wound is completely dry and beginning to scab, no bandaid needed now.

    Joanne; see above. It's fine now, doesn't even hurt.

  4. Ouch. And isn't amazing how some wounds produce buckets of blood. Hands and heads...
    I am glad you are a quick healer. It does look a nasty gouge.

  5. Elephant's Child; it's just a little dent in my hand now. By next week I won't even see where it was.

  6. Ow...that looks really nasty.

  7. Delores; it was for a day, but it's better now. once the bleeding stopped the drama was over. I missed your Wednesday Words this week, no post showed up in my inbox. :(

  8. I'm hurting just looking... I hope it heals soon with no infections.

  9. Oooh!!! My legs went all funny when I saw that. So glad it is healing so quickly. I scratched a small 'something' on my face last week and it bled and bled and bled and into the bandaid as well. Next day just a week mark so heaven alone knows what it was. Some things seem to bleed more than others.

  10. ooowwwwiiieeee....if I see your brain, I'll send it back...that must have hurt like heck.

  11. ..Glad your hand is healing well, was quite a nasty gouge....
    Hugs ... Barb xx

  12. Happy Elf Mom; I very rarely get infected. It's healed over nicely now and will be completely gone in a week.

    Mimsie; I hope you were sitting down when your legs went wobbly. I find the smaller wounds often bleed way out of proportion to their size.

    The Wicked Writer; it did hurt at first and when I held it under running water, but then it was fine.

    Barbara Neubeck; nasty, but small and I don't even notice it now.