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Saturday, June 8, 2013 for

Following on again with Toni's A-Z " for" meme, this week's letter is X

Only two letters left after this. I thought I'd never see the end........... for........x-rays!

Kinda obvious, but I didn't want to bother researching some obscure word that no one has ever heard of, although I did think about it.

X-rays are a handy way of seeing what's happening inside your skin, under all that muscle.

All the bits that hold us together. Without these bones, we'd be slithering along the floor like blobs of.....well, blobs of something.

Hospitals use x-rays to determine if a bone is broken and how badly, whether it will knit back together with just being pushed into position and held steady while it knits, or if surgical intervention such as metal pins etc are needed.

Dentists will use x-rays to find cavities or decay that can't be seen with a regular mouth exam, they see how many fillings you have, how many root canal fillings, whether or not the teeth under the fillings are sound or beginning to decay.

x-rays also allow a dentist to see the exact position of a crooked tooth to determine whether or not it can be straightened by braces.  Perhaps it needs to be removed instead.

x-rays show us the positions of bones when we make different moves.

whether we are just walking....

....walking the dog, (vets use x-rays too).....

....or dancing.

x-ray type images are popular at Halloween parties too.

They even come in handy for writers, wondering how their careers are going.
Do they have many books in them waiting to be written?

or just one great novel. 

Thank you google for these images.


  1. What great pictures, I like the fellow with one great novel in him, lucky it's not a set.

  2. The dancing skeleton is funny, but I expect that is what an x-ray of someone dancing would look like.

  3. Dentist x-rays hit a nerve today. I broke a tooth about an hour ago. Of course after the dentist has shut down for the weekend. Sigh.
    X-rays are wonderful things though. One of the advances which does make lives better...

  4. My skeleton looks nothing like those sleek specimens, mine has many broken bones, pins, screws and an artificial joint. There is so much wear and damage that I'll be sure and end up being a case study standing in the corner of some dusty college somewhere...

  5. Merlesworld; I reckon that tome might be interfering with his digestion, he'd better get it out quick smart.

    Andrew; I like that one the best, it looks happy.

    Elephant's Child; oh no! Is there an emergency dentist that can see you? I broke a tooth on New Years Day (I think) and had it pulled 3 hours later. I do hope you aren't in pain with it.

    Kymbo Whitford; pins, screws, an artificial joint...what, no duct tape? Ha Ha. As long as you're holding it all together.. that's the main thing. I have a little arthritis here and there, but never a single broken bone.

  6. The length of the tooth roots intrigue me. No wonder they take pulling out at times.
    I had a stack of x-rays and similar that had filled my drawer up so put them in the bin and just kept the reports in case I needed to refer back to them. I often wonder why I don't glow in the dark. I have 2 beaut showing a new hip on each side and then those that showed up fractured ribs and yet I never remembered damaging them and the little piece broken off the end of my ulna (RH) and I don't remember damaging that either....and no, I am not a drinker!!!!

  7. Mimsie; my teeth have long roots, with the upper eye teeth going right up into the sinus bones, which explained why I had such terrible toothache every time I got bad hayfever, right up until I had root canal work done on both of them. I have a copy of my shoulder x-ray, but no others. I've never had a broken bone. My daughter used to crack her ribs every winter when she coughed her way through bronchitis. Perhaps that's what you did, a sudden hard cough or sneeze.

  8. Marvellous collection of images. It's so interesting to see the insides of things from the outside.

  9. I love your take on x-rays. Necessary and mysterious. Who knew they could be fun?!

  10. jabblog; I quite like skeletons and wish I could see mine, but you can't get x-rays with no good reason and I'm not prepared to break something just to see my bones.

    Diane Tolley; I think it's fun to see something from the other side.