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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I saw something so nice yesterday!

I was trundling along the footpath with my granny trolley, on my way to the shop.

Coming towards me, and desperately trying to hurry, was an elderly woman, heading for the bus stop that I had just passed and glancing behind her to see how close the bus was.

There's no way she would have made it to the stop to catch that bus, but the driver saw her trying and when she glanced back yet again, he signalled her to stop.
She did and he pulled the bus to the kerb, well before the scheduled stop and right beside the woman so that she could get on board.

That just made my day.
Things like that make me really happy.
I'm sure I smiled the whole afternoon.

Many bus drivers would have continued to the stop and waited there, so the elderly woman would have still needed to hurry, so as not to keep him waiting too long.
A few, who must have iceblocks where their hearts should be, would have just driven past her and kept going.

I'm pleased to have seen this, now I know we have at least one decent bus driver here in Adelaide.


  1. You made my day, too. Well, evening now, but I'll still be smilng tomorrow.

  2. That bus driver should be commended. Bus courtesy is a rare thing indeed.

  3. What a nice thing for him to do!!

  4. Hi River,

    It's wonderful to read of such stories. A bit of kindness and caring can go such a long way. The impact it had on you, resonates with me and my human, Gary.

    Pawsitive wishes for the rest of your weekend,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  5. We have a few bus drivers in our area that would do that but when I lived closer to the city the drivers there would pull out and drive off even when they saw you running for the bus maybe more traffic, tighter timetables make them more cranky.

  6. How truly lovely. Smiling here too.
    Our bus drivers are a bit of a mixture. I have seen them do wonderful things, and I have also watched them be rude and grumpy toads. And I report both behaviours...

  7. Joanne; I smiled the rest of the day and even today when I think about it.

    Delores; I thought about emailing the transport company, just haven't done that yet.

    fishducky; it was a very nice thing that doesn't happen often enough.

    klahanie; Hi Penny! A lot of us humans are as thoughtful, but usually bus drivers are racing to make their schedules and don't think of elderly people.

    Merlesword; I've had bus drivers pull away when I've been running, even when I am almost at the bus. Tight schedules are a real problem.

    Elephant's Child; I've reported really bad driving, but I haven't seen much of bad behaviour. They get grumpy though.

  8. ..and if you rang the company to congratulate them he would probably have been cautioned for breaking the rules...It's a sad world where a good man cant do the right thing

  9. kymbo; I think the company would like some positive feedback for a change. and he was probably a little ahead of schedule, he didn't seem to be in a hurry.

  10. That would have made me smile all day, too.

  11. River, please don't tell the company, I am very confident that he would be told off for picking up passenger outside the designated stop. Because the company will only care about rules and regulation. It is against rules and regulation to pick up passengers outside the designated bus stop.

  12. jabblog; it's a nice thing to see.

    mm; I might tell them anyway, without mentioning which bus or which road it was on.

  13. Some bus drivers are kind and thoughtful..... others not so much. He was the most thoughtful. Years ago when I was going to college, our house was in the middle of a long block. When I got home after dark, the bus driver would let me off at my house in place of stopping at the corner. That too was such a kind act.

  14. That's lovely.
    He is the opposite of a bus driver I remember from one day when I was a schoolgirl. I was sitting in a bus with a few others as it was waiting to leave the depot. The engine had started and I noticed the driver staring intently in his rear view mirror. Looking back I saw a man running full-tilt trying to catch the bus before it left. The driver watched him as he got closer and closer, and I thought, oh, that's nice, he's waiting for him. Then just as the man got almost in arm's reach of the door, the driver pulled out and left the depot, and left the man standing there. I think my jaw dropped.

  15. I have seen that happen here too and it makes your heart glad that there are still some kind, considerate people in the world. I've also seen bus drivers drop people off near their home instead of going on to the next stop (I guess they are regular bus users that the drivers get to know).
    Always good to know there is still some goodness in the world because these days we certainly need it.

  16. That is heart warming. He is a good soul :)

  17. What a nice side of human nature to witness... what a lovely bus driver!