and here we go again.....

Early Sunday morning I was reading the paper, drinking coffee, eating chocolate....suddenly....crunch...what??  
This is plain milk chocolate, nothing should be crunching.

Well of course it was another one of my teeth, the whole side of a molar just broke away from all the fillings and I have a rough edge scraping the dickens out of my tongue.

So I'm off to the dentist again. 
I'm not in pain, apart from the rough edge scraping my tongue, so that's one good thing at least.

And I have good news.....I found a package of tomato seeds at my daughter's house, plant by date stamped on them was 2008, so of course I brought them home and planted them.
I only planted half the packet, so far ten have germinated, and my mini capsicums are showing tiny specks of green in the potting mix too, as is one lonely mini cucumber.

Some of those seeds are stamped 'plant before 2010 and 2011' and I was going to give them all one more week to show signs of life, I actually said that as I was watering the pots, "I'll give you another week and if you don't grow, I'll have to buy new seeds."

I guess they heard me.

Hooray for summer salads!
Of course there's no sign of any lettuces coming up yet, but I'll give it another week.  Come on baby cos, you can do it!


  1. Yay for the seedlings. I bought plants rather than seeds (laziness) and have tiny weeny tomatoes on four plants. The chinese cabbage is doing really well too. And the capsicum and the chili which I know you don't use.
    Hiss and spit on the teeth front. The smaller portion has broken four in less than a month. He will be spending a LOT of time (and money) at the dentist.

  2. Seeds are tough little devils aren't they? Amazing too....all that life in such a tiny package.

  3. Are we all breaking teeth me too lately.
    As for use by dates, I had milk that goes off well before the time and seeds that still work well out of date so who knows.

  4. Cheering on your veggies!

    One of my molars did the same thing - bloody annoying. And, my tongue has a mind of its own, as it kept running over the sharp edge.

  5. Oh God, teeth, a pain in the butt.... actually can be a pain in the mouth.
    I'm always planting expired date seeds and maybe they don't germinate as well as when fresh but they do come up too. That's right, you are just beginning the good stuff season. Wish we were.

  6. ...sorry to hear about your tooth.....
    How wonderful to have coffee and chocolate for breakfast......I love that chocolate is the most versatile of foods and can be eaten any time of the day, with (or for) any meal...
    Great that the seeds are sprouting....Hugs Barb xx

  7. It's a darn shame there is no life time warranty on our parts.

    Nice to know a garden is starting somewhere. We're just putting ours to bed.

  8. I was eating fried oysters when it sounded like a shotgun went off in my head. Yep. I'd found the one oyster fried up with its shell. Busted and missing part of tooth, cracked huge black mercury filling. There's a cap in my future and my tongue is shredding itself by not leaving the ragged edges alone.

  9. Elephant's Child; I thought about seedlings, but didn't want to spend the money unless I had to, so tried the seeds first. Now I'm glad I did, because they are non-hybrid from the diggers club, so I can save seed from them for next year.

    Delores; I always think of seeds as little miracles waiting to happen.

    Merlesworld; I have milk that I use well past its use by date, sometimes as much as ten days over and the milk is fine. There's been the occasional carton of sour lumps but that's rare.

    Vicki; my tongue is quite raw now as the rough edge was the whole side of the molar down to the gum. The saga continues tomorrow.
    Veggies :)

    Manzanita; I've spoken to several other people and they've all used expired seeds too, they just take a little longer to germinate. Reminds me of reading about corn found in Atzec ruins that was still viable.

    Barbara; it wasn't exactly breakfast, I was wide awake at 2.30am when I heard the paper land on my front porch. I'm happy about the seeds, homegrown stuff always tastes nicer.

    Joanne; a lifetime warranty would be great, I'll speak to the boss about it when I get through the pearly gates.
    My garden is much smaller than yours, but I'm happy to see green things growing.

    Happy Elf Mom; it isn't painful at all, (except maybe in the wallet), it's an inherited problem, my mum had the same.

    lotta joy; visit the dentist and get the ragged edges smoothed until you can get the cap done. It's easier on the tongue.

  10. I've done quite a few seeds this year, it's been exciting watching them grow.

  11. Fenstar; what have you planted? I have beans, tomatoes, mini capsicums, mini cucumbers and baby cos lettuce. Also miniature rockmelon.
    I'm about to plant pumpkins and carrots, maybe mini cabbages.

  12. Oh how exciting to see your little sprouts pop up. My husband babies his tomatoes all summer. He alwasy plants extra for the birds and the squirrel who runs down the fence with a huge tomato in his mouth. That's the end of our tomatoes, we had a hard frost and all gardens are kaput! I broke a tooth once and asked the doc to give me dentures as I couldn't afford $1,000 each time I broke one. If I;m going to invest in replacements I'd rather have a beautiful smile. He laughed and said, NO.
    Chocolate for breakfast...a girl like me!

  13. Linda O'Connell; years ago I asked for dentures and the dentists then laughed at me. Since then I've spent enough on fillings and re fillings, root canals, eight so far, etc I could have paid off a couple of houses I reckon.
    Chocolate is fabulous breakfast food.


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