as promised....

more photos.

Remember the photo from last Tuesday?

Let's continue....

this particular construction has sparked a lot of discussion in the newspaper, mainly over the cost and why do we need it?

in the beginning, I agreed with the naysayers, but I've changed my  mind.

for one thing, it's providing work for more than a few people.

not to mention photo opportunities for amateur photographers such as myself.

what better reason to take a walk along the river on a sunny day?

it's the new footbridge across the Torrens.

linking Adelaide Oval north of the river, with the south side riverbank, close to the Convention Centre, the Intercontinental Hotel, The Festival Theatre and the  Casino. 

and what's that dome like structure in the distance?

watch this space....all shall be revealed.


  1. How people friendly! I also endorse putting people to work. They're going to spend our tax dollars anyway, why not on people and work and public projects. Yea, Adelaide.

  2. Looks like a worthy project. I will have a look at the exact location.

  3. Anything that encourages people to walk around the city is always good, I like to watch people out and about.

  4. They are talking about a similar project here. A foot-bridge across Lake Burley Griffin. They have been talking about it for a looooong time. At the moment no-one is getting any benefit from the discussion. Less talk more action I say.

  5. Joanne; it's a nice change to see our tax dollars being used constructively.

    Andrew; it should show up on google earth, it's certainly big enough.

    Merlesworld; these days I've become quite lazy, so an opportunity to photograph new stuff is ideal.

    R.H. your comment to Andrew is rude and uncalled for.
    I do have one more construction site to feature then I'll get back to more mundane stuff. Can't promise any dying relatives though.

    Elephant's Child; let's hope it goes ahead, as long as it doesn't get in the way of any boats. Do they have boating on Lake Burley Griffin?

  6. Sail boats, paddle boats and canoes. And a couple of tourist ferries. No motor boats except the water police - for which I am thankful.

  7. Elephant's Child; a bridge might get in the way of sail boats and ferries unless they build it high enough off the water. Our bridge is being built at the end where the Popeye doesn't go, apart from that we only have the paddleboats there.

    R.H. okay then, but if Andrew is offended I'll expect an apology from you. I'll leave it up to Andrew.

  8. So they are spending tax dollars in our town too, building a third bridge, less than a mile apart, across the river between two states, Illinois/Missouri.
    Interresting to watch the crews at work. We watched a highway overpass being built outside our home for about a year...of no sleep.

  9. Construction always fascinates me. The exact weight-bearing and stress stuff that has to be taken into consideration. Maybe I should have studied structural engineering, huh?

  10. Linda O'Connell; three bridges? One for bikes, one for cars and one for trucks. You need two more. one for trains and one for pedestrians. That'll cover everybody!

    Manzanita; my brother and son in law have both studied structural engineering and both work in construction, so I now understand better why these things cost so much.

    Happy Elf mom; it's a very solid construction for something that is called a footbridge.


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