how convenient

I was puttering about the house yesterday, doing a bit of this, a bit of that, sweeping the floor, you know how it goes....anything to avoid going for a walk.

We all know that exercise is good for us, but really, I just wasn't in the mood.

In the end I decided I probably should go, just once around the block would do.

I reached for my jacket....and down came the rain.
It poured!
It sheeted!
It blew right inside the front door, which I quickly closed.

How convenient, I thought, as I settled back down again with a cup of coffee and my book.


  1. I, too, would have taken that as a sign from God.

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  3. ..and wasnt it windy? Up here we got many hours of strong, dust laden winds before the tiny bit of rain that made mud on our cars..Oh well, thats Spring in OZ

  4. I have just checked the rain radar and it is not raining there now, so off you go then. Straight away.

  5. DittoAndrew! Take your camera with you.

  6. Sometimes serendipity is just wonderful.

  7. fishducky; serendipity

    Joanne; definitely a sign

    Delores; perfect timing

    Editors at Work; welcome to drifting.
    I can always use more time to read.

    Kymbo; it certainly was. I might have been blown away if I'd stepped outside.

    Andrew; not a chance.

    mm; no no, once I'm down with a book in my hand, you can't prise me off that couch.

    Elephant's Child; isn't it lovely when things work out just the way we want?

  8. You know, I'd walk more too if someone threw treasures in my path, like at the beach. But around the block is a real chore some days.

  9. Rain is always a good excuse for reading and baking cookies!

  10. It's always brilliant when your decision was 'forced' like this!

  11. Linda O'Connell; the only good thing about around the block is you can't get lost.

    Susan Kane; it was quite short lived rain, but my bum was well entrenched on the couch by the time it stopped.

    Fran; it's the universe smiling on me.

    The Wicked Writer; you're back! perfect timing.

  12. But didn't you perhaps will that rain into existence...?

  13. This gives 'praying for rain' a whole new meaning!


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