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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I love this jingle!

Has everyone seen the advertisement for Freeview TV, where the woman is singing
"The Best Things In Life Are Free"? 

I love it! I don't care about the Freeview part, TV is TV is TV...but the song....I LOVE the song.
I turn up the volume every time it comes on.
If you haven't seen it you can probably find it on you tube, so do yourself a favour and have a listen.

I know it is an old song and has been done by others over the years, but this version has me dancing in my seat and singing along.


  1. Yes, it is good. Nevertheless folks, avoid Freeview branded digital recorders.

  2. That's an Australian company, so I hadn't heard the ad. I knew the song & I really like this version--the singer is terrific!!

  3. Dancing in your seat and singing out loud are good things.

  4. wouldn't have seen the commercial here in Canada but I know the song and it is one of my favourites

  5. Happy dances are always good - whatever the reason.

  6. Andrew; I'll make a note to check any recorders I buy.

    mm; it's great isn't it?

    fishducky; makes you want to sing along right?

    Joanne; only if no one can hear me.

    Delores; you could find it on you tube,this version is good.

    Elephant's Child; makes you feel young doesn't it? Dancing around I mean.

    Merlesworld; it is very uplifting.