let me introduce you....

....to this>>

Apricot Jam.
But not any old Apricot Jam.
No No No
This is Granny's Secret, Authentic Homemade Jam.

(clearly Granny has a factory sized kitchen in her house.....probably a whole large orchard of apricot trees too)

not at all runny, not thick like a paste either, very much like a home made jam.
See that big chunk on the upper right corner?

Here's a closer look>>>

that is a chunk of real, genuine apricot.
Real fruit!!
Probably half an apricot right there.

the label is pretty,
and the ingredients...

are a nice surprise.
Apricots 65%, sugar, lemon juice. 

No preservatives, no artificial colours or flavours, just as I would make it myself.

And it is yummy! Yummy yummy yummy!
There are other flavours available, but I didn't really look at them.


  1. There's a find for you. Hard to find jams and jellies with no nasties in them.

  2. I'll have to try this--apricot jam is my favorite!!

  3. Oh wow. Delores is right - it is hard to find jam without any numbers and secret codes in its ingredients. Where did you find it?

  4. Unless it were raspberry jam, I, too, would look no further.
    And the real deal!
    I may need to come live with you, after my last grand kid leaves in about ten years.

  5. We eat very little jam, I buy a small tub of strawberry jam every year, I think I need the nasties to stop it from going off.
    I'm not sure why but I find it hard to put sweet stuff on bread, nutulla and honey I eat with a spoon.

  6. Muffin, muffin, whose got a muffin. I think you could have given us more detail regarding where it came from. I had my charge card warning up in my hand.

    Tonight I was going to make peach preserves, but a cobbler just phoned and said it will be here in about 65 minutes at 350 degrees.

  7. I buy Bonne Maman: Product of France, that's what it says on the label. I only had tinned jam when I was a kid, daddy with his can opener would be shocked to see how I've risen in the world. The AJC (Australian Jam Company) was just around the corner, all the local girls worked there, and a brassy lot they were too, opinionated. Well they were loud, no poise, throwing their arms around when they walked. Hell, they put the hard word on blokes in those days. Romance has changed.

  8. Delores; I've taken to reading labels on everything I buy now.

    fishducky; bad news...I went to the shop this morning and it is no longer there.

    Elephant's Child; at Woolworths, not so long ago, but no longer available. Poo!! Instead there is a range of Aunty Netty's, Aunty Natasha's and Hank's. And a Regimental Barrack's (I think) brand.

    Joanne; I don't remember if there was a raspberry, I love that flavour but don't buy it because of the seeds.

    Merlesworld; you're not alone, some families I know don't even buy jam, others go through a couple of jars a week.

    lotta joy; peach cobbler...yum!

    R.H. I've never heard of the AJC. When I was little it was IXL or Glen Ewin in big 7 pound tins. I think Cottees came a bit later.

  9. Forgot to add...I went to the shop this morning looking for more of the Granny's Secret, but it is no longer there. It must have been a trial run. The shelf now has a range of Aunty Netty's and Aunty Natasha's jams, same tall jar, same label as each other so probably from the same factory; a smaller jar similar to the Granny's Secret, labelled Hank's, I'll post a picture on the weekend..and something in a larger, wider jar called, I think, Regimental Barracks. I'll check on that the next time I'm at the shop, but at $9.99 a jar I won't be buying it.

  10. Is Granny's a local operation, an independent supplier? The cute label makes it appear so. Those apricot preserves look delicious. Watch out for that hairy-legged spider!

  11. Hi River,

    Apricots belong in hell with rhubarb - revolting things






  12. I wonder if it is one of those lines they've been advertising...something to do with a cooking competition. They put them on their shelves at Woolies till they run out and eventually I believe they will stock the winning items. I've only seen ads and not the show itself. Could be?

  13. Linda O'Connell; I've just had a closer look at the label, seems I went to the wrong shop. The label says Foodland, which is a local store, BUT, the label also says imported by Marco Polo foods....Product of Serbia. Now, I've been trying to buy only Australian, but a product with no "nasties" is also acceptable in my kitchen, so I'll trot off to Foodland tomorrow and see if I can get another jar.

    Plasman; if that's true, then Hell is in my kitchen, because I love both apricots and rhubarb.

    Mimsie; No, the competition is a little different, usually to do with baked goods although I would think there has been a few preserves ans sauces as well. I haven't watched more than one episode. Turns out this product is one I bought from the store across the road from Woolies.

  14. Who's a doofus? That would be me.
    I should have read the label properly, this jam is not from Woolies apparently. It's from Foodland and I'm going there tomorrow.

  15. From Serbia? And with no preservative?
    I notice you didn't move the camera over to get fats/carbs/sugar quota in.
    Aunt Nettie's is from South Australia and made by Beerenberg but they've just changed the label.

  16. JahTeh; I didn't bother with the fats/carbs/sugar because everyone knows jam is sweet and if it is just fruit how can it have fats? Now you've made me go and read the label....serving size= 1 tablespoon, carbs= 7.53 grams, 7.4 of which is the sugar, fats= 0.02 grams. I never think of fruits as having fats unless they're avocados. You're right about Aunt Netty's being from Beerenberg, I read it in the shop but couldn't remember by the time I got home.


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