Right at this moment I'm watching Channel 2 (ABC) which is broadcasting the fireworks display and films of events over the last one hundred years using the Opera House wings as a giant screen for the films.

In Sydney Harbour are 40 warships from various countries along with Prince Harry.

The whole display is to commemorate 100 years since the Royal Australian Navy first sailed into Sydney Harbour.

It's a really fantastic display. Very moving.

Sydney Harbour all lit up like this is truly pretty.


  1. Thanks for reminding me. That programme begins in Perth in just 5 minutes. I did see Prince Harry arriving to be greeted by Tony Abbott and his family this afternoon. The Prince seemed so relaxed and quite at home.

  2. Watched it too River. Was good.

  3. This would be interesting to watch. I wish we got it here in the states!

  4. Wow. Forty warships in one harbor. Mind boggling.

  5. Mimsie; you'll enjoy it, the fireworks were superb and the Opera House wings made a good movie screen.

    Andrew; wasn't it great!

    Op Ex; maybe someone has you tubed it.

    Joanne; Sydney Harbour is HUGE.

  6. I wish we could see it here. We are a Commonwealth country...you'd think someone would carry it.

  7. I missed it. I will have to try and track down some replays.

  8. Delores; perhaps one of your news services might carry the story? Or you tube?

    Elephant's Child; I've checked the TV guide and haven't seen any replays listed. Maybe there will be a short story on the news tonight.

    The Wicked Writer; it was beautiful to watch.


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