the land of frozen dreams

Some time ago, along with her weekly six word challenge, Delores gave us a sentence prompt.

"follow the path of ice to the land of frozen dreams"

I wrote it down, along with several other Delores had given us over the weeks, and then forgot about it.
I found that page in my notebook yesterday and wrote this>>>>

Follow The Path Of Ice To The Land Of Frozen Dreams

Mandy wriggled and squirmed in her sleep, she'd rolled around so much in falling asleep, the quilt was wrapped around her like a cocoon. In her dream she felt as if she were being sucked down into a whirlpool. Down and down, feeling colder the further down she went. With a bump, Mandy fell out of the whirlpool onto a glittery field of ice cubes, divided by a solidly frozen path of ice that had a sign shaped like a pointing finger. It pointed down the path and Mandy thought, "well, I might as well go this way, there doesn't seem to be any other way to go."

She trod carefully along the ice path, not wanting to slip, wondering all the time where it was leading her and why didn't she feel cold anymore? "I'm in a land of ice, but I feel warm like the sun is shining on me."
As Mandy rounded a corner, she stopped and gasped with pleasure. Spread out in the hollow of three small hills was a pastel coloured village. It glittered as if made of sugar.  Mandy forgot the path was slippery ice and ran towards it. 

Some of the edges looked soft, as if they had melted a bit, cream! Mandy saw with delight the village was made of ice cream and stopped to taste. Yum! The trees were chocolate trunks and branches with peppermint leaves. The darling little cottages were vanilla walls with caramel doors and raspberry roofs! Each tiny garden was lime lawn with frozen strawberry roses, blueberry delphiniums, orange and lemon sorbet marigolds. This land of frozen dreams was heaven! 

The village church was fashioned from licorice ice cream cut in blocks to look like stone, with a slab of dark chocolate ice cream for a door. A steeple made of sorbet supported a tiny bell that began to peal. Mandy spun around to see as much as she could while the pealing got louder and the village began to melt away. 

Mandy woke suddenly, discovering the pealing was in fact her alarm clock. "What a wonderful dream," she thought and hurried downstairs to tell Mum all about it before she forgot a single detail.


  1. Oh wow...I want to go there. This is terrific.

  2. This is gorgeous. Such a happy dream. And no witch lurking as they do around ginger-bread cottages.

  3. You made me hungry, I will have to go raid the chocolate tin now.

  4. Delores; doesn't it sound delicious?

    fishducky; thank you

    Elephant's Child; witches and ice cream don't really go together.

    Merlesworld; I hope there is something in the tin.

  5. The Wicked Writer; thank you.

  6. Oh, that's so good! What a lovely idea, I never would have thought of that from this prompt.

  7. Jackie K; I was eating ice cream while looking through my notebook when I found this prompt.


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