Thursday Thoughts # 22

 “…..had done an impression of Alexander the Great and carved out one of the largest criminal empires in the world – assuming you didn’t count governments.”

##yes, well, if anyone in government reads this I may be in trouble of some sort, you know, slander laws and all...............(*~*) ##

I just thought it was funny.....

my thoughts today:

There are two sides to everything. 
How many times have we heard or said that? 
And it's true there is always the other person's point of view.

But what about the third side?
What's that? you say, a third side?

Here's another book quote to illustrate the point:

(a conversation between two people)

"....they weren't really sure he was on their side to begin with."
"Which he isn't. He's on a third side."
"He's on the side of compromise."

There it is, side three. 

Never really thought about that before, but it will always be a consideration now.


  1. compromise is rarely satisfactory

  2. Love both of your thoughts.
    And compromise is better than out and out war.

  3. If only the third side became popular life would be calmer and compromises would always solve the problem.

  4. Delores; but they often give the antagonists time to work out a better resolution.

    Elephant's Child; true. Not always the best solution, but one that gives you time to stop and think there may be a better way.

    fishducky; I'm glad you like it.

    Joanne; getting along, even in disharmony, is better than bashing each other.

    Merle; too many people wouldn't agree with us, so it will never be the popular option, but we can hope.

  5. Hasn't a square got four sides?


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