Whimsical Wednesday # 150

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Ahhh, memories!


  1. That happened to us on Sunday...I'm still running around picking things up and cleaning.

  2. My old house was robbed. The police survey my girls' rooms and commented on the vandalism.Except for the smashed piggy banks I had to inform the police the rooms were exactly as left.

  3. Delores; I put this up especially for you and Dianne :)

    Joanne; sorry to hear about your robbery, it's an awful feeling knowing someone who doesn't belong has been there taking your stuff and possibly touching everything else. I understand about the girl's bedrooms though, mine always looked like someone had ransacked it when I was young.

  4. Ah memories I've forgotten how children and teenagers live.

  5. And sometimes the smaller portion can wreak almost as much havoc as a gaggle of grandchildren.
    Having your house broken into must be truly awful. Your own safe spot invaded...

  6. Seeing I don't have grandkids...I must have been burgled! :)

  7. ...haahaha.....
    we totally lived like this..... well, maybe not quite so messy ...but very similar.. when my kids were young.... chaotic and messy.......
    I love old age and tidy.... wouldn't trade it for the world....
    Thanks for the giggle , River....
    Hugs .... Barb xxx

  8. Reminds, the niece will be here at the weekend and our place may end up as bad.

  9. Memories... but very fond ones of our three young granddaughters who'd often come and stay for a weekend. I must admit they didn't wreck the place as they played in their room or outside so not a lot of cleaning up to do. Just 3 sets of sheets and pillowslips to wash. I have such happy memories of those wonderful visits.

  10. Merle; it's easy to forget once they leave home.

    Elephant's Child; the smaller portion wreaks havoc? tut tut. I'm very thankful that my home has never been robbed, the mess from a hubby in a drunken rage was bad enough.

    Lee; oh no! NO grandkids?? I can lend you mine....

    Barbara; at least messy isn't as bad as city dump wannabe. I love my (mostly) tidy little place now.

    Andrew; teach her how to sweep a floor. My kids used to sweep all their toys down the hall to the spare room each night, then shut that door until morning. They thought it was fun, there was never any mention of cleaning.

    Red Nomad OZ; I thought so too.

    Mimsie; my grandies rarely wrecked the place, but they did spread books and toys around during the day, then tidied up before bed. It was a rule in their house, just as it had been in mine. Toys on the floor overnight are dangerous, you could fall and break a leg on the way to the toilet.


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