Thursday Thoughts #19

"Fear is a funny thing. In the right light, even tiny and insignificant fears can suddenly grow, swelling up to monstrous proportions."

My thoughts today:

Have you ever noticed how rude burgers are?
When you're mixing the patties, they'll bleed on your hands, when you cook them, they spit absolutely everywhere, when you eat them, they'll dribble juice down your chin, drop sauce on your chest and throw onions into your lap. Some even try to escape by sliding out the other side of the bun!

Remember the days when an advertisement came on TV and you flipped to another channel to watch a bit of something else?  Now when you flip to another channel all you get is their advertisements.


  1. Rude but delicious...I'm not giving up on burgers.
    As to the ads...all the channels seem to be on the same timetable now.

  2. So true! There are way too many commercials and I think they time them to be that way!

  3. At least they don't burn the roof of your mouth like that inconsiderate pizza!

    I agree with you on the TV thing. If you don't believe in conspiracies, you have never channel surfed during a commercial.

  4. The number and length of commercials is insane. We even have one channel that shows old TV shows that runs the commercials so fast the next one cuts off half the previous. I've counted twenty or thirty commercials in a commercial break.

  5. Do you remember the Carl's Jr. commercial about 10 years ago with Paris Hilton in barely nothing, eating a messy burger. Pure man candy.

    Commercials and commercial crudity.

  6. That has been happening with tv commercials for some time and it certainly can't be a co-incidence. Commercial tv news now runs for a long time without an ad to begin with, and when one finally arrives, so do they on the stations.

  7. Delores; I'm not giving up on them either. Add a salad and it's the perfect delicious meal.

    Terri Tiffany; this is one reason I hardly ever turn my TV on anymore. In an entire week of programming there are only 4 TV shows I'll turn on for and then I mute the ads.

    joeh; oh the mouth burning pizza! I had one of those just last week, almost blistered my tongue.

    Joanne; twenty or thirty!! I'll have to start counting, see how many we get here.

    Susan Kane; I haven't seen that one, we get different commercials out here in Aus.

  8. Andrew; it's a conspiracy of some sort, but to what purpose? If they piss off enough people they'll be out of business, people might start selling their TVs.

  9. Let's all cheer for DVRs. Now I fast forward through commercials since so much of what we watch now is recorded,
    I think commercials were - what? 30 seconds on the quarter hour and 60 seconds on the half hour? At the top of the hour things got really crazy and they upped it to 2 minutes.

  10. I wash up in the adds and often go to the loo, but now I have time to do the washing among other things.
    But if I watch ABC I get stiff from sitting so long so you just can't win.

  11. Some food is indeed rude. And some feels obligated to spread itself around. Particularly beetroot, and drippy sauces. And if they stain, their generosity is a given.

  12. We'll be back after these messages, or next year, whichever comes first!!

  13. Burger the's easier to eat rissoles and onion gravy! :)

  14. Marty Damon; I don't have a DVR, I can't be bothered with setting, recording, then fast forwarding etc. I just buy the DVD movies and TV shows I want, then don't have to worry about ads at all.

    Merle; I'll go to the loo or make coffee or lunch, I don't wash up in the ads, but I do dry the dishes then. I don't watch ABC much, there's nothing there to interest me except Gardening Australia and that's only a half hour.

    Elephant's Child; I think burgers are the rudest, for home made ones you have to use two hands to hold the bottom end of the bun so that burger doesn't slide out. Remember when you had to do that with takeaway burgers? (You need two hands to handle a whopper!)Now you can hold those in one hand with fingers left over.

    fishducky; how you do make me laugh! See you next year.

    Lee; heck no, that requires a knife and fork. And a plate! I hold the burger in a paper napkin with my hand around the bottom end of the bun to stop the pattie sliding out.


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