Whimsical Wednesday #148

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Thank you fishducky.


  1. hahaha
    That could be true. My dryer was backing up dryer lint all over the place and a bird had built a nest in the vent from the outside. I wonder if it fried the eggs.

  2. They have to have gone somewhere.

  3. You're welcome!! I also love Erma Bombeck's line that lost socks have gone to live with Jesus. Did you know that May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day? TRUE!!

  4. No missing socks here. Dryer lint, like the contents of the vacuum, is cat fur here. If I could knit I could have a whole herd of cats...


  5. That never occurred to me. Of course it is.

  6. You could be right they must go somewhere.

  7. Manzanita; I had my dryer serviced recently for the first time ever, because it was making an odd noise, when it came back I learned it had worn bearings and the case was absolutely filled with lint after eighteen years of winter use. So even though I cleaned the lint filter regularly, it was still a fire hazard. Sometimes all that lint can spontaneously combust. Oddly enough I have never lost a single sock.

    Delores; i wonder if there is some sort of worm hole that draws everyone else's lost socks to my dryer?

    fishducky; Jesus must have a sock mountain higher tan Mt Everest! I knew about lost sock day, I never celebrate because I have never lost a sock.

    Elephant's Child; you're not going to believe this! I met a neighbour today who has four cats and she was wearing a fluffy vest made with fur from her cats.

    Joanne; see my comment to EC. Same neighbour invited me in and guess what!! She has a small spinning wheel in her living room and a loom in her spare room! she spins yarn from the alpacas her friend raises and makes things like mats, vests, scarves etc, mostly in browns and blacks. So I told her about you and the LeClerc and the teatowels.

    Merle; I don't lose socks, so the lint in my dryer must be everyone else's socks.

  8. Wow. Would she like some additional fur to use?

  9. Did you know that there is a YouTube about a woman who creates masterpieces using lint. You have not truly appreciated art until you see her work.

  10. Elephant's Child; I think she has plenty, one of her cats is a big fluffy grey very similar to Mimsie's Precious, plus she gets alpaca hair from her friend.

    Susan Kane; I'll have to look for it.

  11. That could very well be...but not here in my household because I don't wear socks and don't have any...and my clothes dryer has forgotten what its purpose is.

    I've not used it in about 12 years It's out in the back area gathering dust.

    If gatherers still came around annually and gathered up unnecessary garbage from our kerb-sides it would be long gone and no longer a dust gatherer! :)

  12. Lee; give it to a needy family. I rarely use mine, mostly in the winter and even then only if I've run out of dry undies and t-shirts, which doesn't happen often, I have that little camping washing line set up in the back porch where it stays dry.


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