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Saturday, February 7, 2015

it's been a while

since Angel was at the vet office, his de-sexing was last June and I wasn't expecting to take him again until his booster vaccinations, sometime in April or May.

But we've had a little problem. Well, Angel has, not me. For three mornings in a row, Angel has had sloppy bowels, urk!, my share of the problem is cleaning the mess out of the litter tray. Thank goodness he only goes once a day! (*~*)

So this morning I stopped in at the vet on my way to do the shopping and asked if Angel could be seen later today. 
10.40am was the appointed time, so at 10.30 I tossed a few kitty treats into the newly-cleaned carrier and when Angel went in after them, I shoved his backside all the way in and slammed the door. 

Then I picked it up to walk to the vet, he's just around the corner and down the street. My gosh this cat is heavy! just about ripped my arm from the socket!

The checkup revealed nothing wrong, temperature is fine, heart and lungs are fine, the palpated stomach appears fine, so I have some tablets to give Angel which should sort out the sloppy bowel problem. 1/4 of a tablet twice a day. I'll crush it into something and he will lick it off a spoon.

I also asked the vet to please shave off a hairball under Angel's armpit, then asked if Angel is too fat.
He doesn't eat much, but he is heavy. The vet said no, he's fine, well within range for his age and size.
Apparently he has heavy solid bones and of course there's all that fur too. 

So I'm relieved that Angel is fine and should show improvement by tomorrow night or Monday morning, depending on when he uses the tray. Angel goes around 4.30am so if he is still not pooing normally by Monday morning, I'll be back at the vet, but I think he'll be fine.


  1. Thank you. Just when I start to think it would be nice to have a cat for a pet, I read a post like this and remember why I am just as glad to be pet less.


  2. Good to hear. We need to take our pair to the vet for their annual check-up and shots.
    They fill me with guilt every time, insisting it is TORTURE. If we know that they are going to the vet we get the cat carrier out a day or two in advance. As soon as they see it (or hear it) they run away and velcroe themselves to the carpet under the bed.
    The vet is nice too...

  3. It's been such a long time since I visited your blog and am delighted to read you now have a cat >(*!*)<
    I love cats... well I love all animals... but am particularly fond of cats and have one of my own who is the shape of my heart.
    Sorry to hear Angel was feeling off and hopefully all is good with him. It's terrible when they're sick...

  4. Oh... and scrolling through some recent posts I found the photos - he's divine! My little Max is a rescue cat, a short-hair domestic black with white but does have a little tufting between his toes too... the bit I love the most is on the underside of his ankle, above the joint is the most deliciously soft fur...

  5. joeh; you're a very smart man, for ajerk.

    Elephant's Child; Angel wasn't sure about the carrier, I tossed in a few treats and he ate those then backed out, so I knew that was the way to get him back in. It's a large carrier, but Angel just about fills it.

    Gabriella; Angel isn't ill, eating and behaving normally, just sloppy droppings. Max sounds adorable; Angel is very soft too, lovely and warm when he wraps himself across my chest in winter at night. On the flip side I have to brush a ton of cat hair off the pillow each morning. (*~*)

  6. With animals it is some bad with the good. He'll be fine, I'm sure. Thanks for not posting photos.

  7. I keep talking myself out of getting another cat and you just made it easier. Hope the little guy is all right.

  8. Andrew; well gosh! I thought you liked photos of Angel (*~*)
    (I knew what you meant)

    Delores; he's fine, really. Eating sleeping, playing as usual. Just messy in the litter tray. Not a little guy either, weighs about 12 pounds, I must weigh him and find out for sure.

  9. Hope the little fellow doesn't have a tummy ache with it.
    Ah the joys of being a cat Mama......... :)

  10. Hope the little fellow doesn't have a tummy ache with it.
    Ah the joys of being a cat Mama......... :)

    1. PS PS I did feel for your poor arm though and having to stride out in the heat. :(

  11. Rose ~ from OZ; he doesn't seem to have a tummy ache, he rolls over and gets his usual tummy rub as well as doing everything else normally. I certainly did feel the weight in my shoulder, had to stop halfway there and on the way home again, but the vet is only 5 minutes walk away.

  12. Poor Angel, can't even tell you how he feels. I'd say you were lucky he can make it to the litter tray.
    Puss is 13 and her teeth were going bad. She spent a day at the vets and they pulled 2 teeth and cleaned them and completely shaved her so now she looks like a short-hair cat. Vet also said when cats get old they don't groom as well as when they were younger and therefore the hair matts. The vet also said her teeth must have really been hurting her. This changed her whole personality into that of a younger social cat.
    I hope Angel perks up soon. It's so sad to see them sick.

  13. .. Hi River..... sorry to hear about Angel's litter tray problem ... hopefully all better now....
    I've had no Internet for 5 days... but I'm back now....
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  14. Hi River,

    Good luck with the pills. Even my scaredy cat has given me trouble with pills. She actually drew blood when she scratched and bit me.




  15. As I started to read this post, River, my heart flew into my mouth. I hope all is well with Angel by now and we have our boy back to normal. I can understand your concern...give him a pat for more. Perhaps there was some a little different in his diet that caused his upset. More cuddles from me to Angel. :)

  16. Poor Angel. I hope all will be back to normal very soon.
    As long as he has a good appetite, and attitude, then I'm sure he'll be fine.
    Keep us posted...