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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

let me have a rant about channel 9

yes, I know it's time out Tuesday and I shouldn't be here, but this is annoying me. 

Channel 9 shows a program called The Block, has done for several seasons now. 
The new series is called The Block Triple Threat.

Scheduled to run from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.
That's a full hour and a half!!
Yet last week it ran overtime by 15-20 minutes and I'm betting tonight will be no different.

Those of us waiting to watch the new season episodes of The Big Bang Theory will be inconvenienced. Again.
(And tonight is supposed to be the night Sheldon tells Amy he has feelings for her, that can only be described as love.)

I don't think this is fair. 

In the beginning, however long ago that was, The Block was scheduled for half an hour.
It always ran overtime, like all the rest of those "reality" programs. 

Eventually, it was scheduled to run for a full hour. 
We all thought, well at least that gives them plenty of time to wind up the show and we'll see our scheduled episode of The Big Bang Theory on time.
HAH!! and double HAH!!!

Didn't happen.
The Block STILL ran over time.

Now here we are, with The Block Triple Threat, scheduled for an hour and a half, which will become an hour and forty-five minutes. 
At least. 
THERE'S reality for you.

NOT Happy, Channel 9!

So let's cheer up. 

My daughter, K, has an app on her phone which allows her to create a postcard from a photo taken on her phone. 
Pretty cool.
Today in the mail, I received a postcard of some clouds that look like a grumpy Muppet face. 
Oscar the Grouch is watching over her house! (*~*)


  1. The show must be live. It's been years since I've watched a live show on TV.

  2. I am a fan of reality TV, but to overrun and miss part of another program...that is just wrong.

    I feel your pain!

  3. If a show runs overtime and cuts into the starting time of another show on the same channel, such as "The Block" grabbing some of "Big Bang Theory's" time; they're both on the same channel. I don't find that's a problem. All channels are guilty of the's a way of keeping the viewer glued to their particular channel, I guess.

    It doesn't concern me too much because I 'm able to record other channels. I can record three and watch another separate show/channel, if and when the need arises; and I've learned (from experience) to allow enough time at the start of a programme and at the end to cover all bases.

    River...I meant to ask you is Angel? I hope all is well with him again.

  4. What a brilliant app. I love the image of Oscar clouds.
    I do get very frustrated at program over-runs. Very, very frustrated.
    And echoing Lee: How is Angel?

  5. I no longer watch The Block, it was something I enjoyed when it first came out, but now I can no longer stand the infighting and over acting they often do plus they don't do much work mainly done by tradesmen but they are always painting at midnight .

  6. Joanne; no, not live, just very annoying and always running overtime. Too many ads for one thing, and on top of that each time they come back from an ad, they recap the last minute or so.

    joeh; the program I wait for is on the same channel, so I don't miss any of that. I don't watch The Block at all, I hate those shows, but do turn the TV on when it is supposed to finish and mute the sound until my preferred show comes on. Just in case they keep to schedule. (*~*)

    Lee; they may think they're keeping me glued to their channel, but it isn't working. I don't turn on the TV at all until my preferred program is due to start.
    Angel is fine, I meant to do an update, but I've been busy reading. I had absolutely no luck getting those 1/4 tablets into him, I truly thought he would just lick them off a spoon if I mixed them with something he loved. I'm not game enough to try shoving one down his throat, I'd probably lose an arm...but he has come good on his own. There must be something going around because my daughter's cat has the same thing.

    Elephant's Child; see my answer to Lee about Angel. I assume that photo app was developed so people could take photos when on holiday and straightaway convert them to postcards to send back to family and friends.

    Merle; I never watched The block or any other reality show. They're boring and repetetive to me, I have no interest there. Like you said, infighting and over acting, also over reacting when something goes wrong like you see on the ads for my Kitchen Rules. Someone is always so terribly, terribly upset....usually over nothing.

  7. If it runs over tonight I will be very mad as the new Fantasy show 'Forever' is starting and should finish just as 'Grimm' starts on the other channel but I know it's not going to happen. The stations seem to take it as an excuse though to re-run a new programme twice over.

  8. As Jah Teh says, it is worse when the programme you want to watch is on another station, which is exactly why they do it. I'm with Merle. The shows are quite tedious now. R records them and watches them later without ads.

  9. .. I'm so with you on this subject River......I think over running the scheduled time is treating the viewers with total discourtesy and shows how little the station bosses really care about us.
    My hubby records everything we are likely to watch.. and quite often, even with extra time before and after the show, we have no endings because of program over run.
    We don't watch reality shows for all the reasons that have already been said here.
    So glad that Angel has recovered... xxxx
    Hugs ... Barb xxx