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you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

lunch is served

I began by buying a new bottle of Intense Aioli, (garlic mayonnaise)

sliced my ingredients; cheese, red capsicum (bell pepper), red onion,

the red onion again, mini dill gherkins, (cornichons), olives

crammed the lot into a soft roll,

rinsed and dried a few sage leaves from my garden,

chopped them up, not too finely,

packed them loosely into the infuser,

put the infuser into the mug along with a teaspoon of honey,

added just-off-the-boil water and let it steep while I ate the roll.

Saturday lunch=quick and easy and yum!


  1. Oh yum that looks good. You are making me hungry. I like just plain lettuce and tomato sandwiches. But add an onion, a pickle and some olives, oh my!

  2. Strayer; welcome to drifting. Plain lettuce and tomato were a favourite when I was younger, then I began having unfortunate reactions to iceberg lettuce, so added other ingredients instead. There's no tomato on today's sandwich because the one in the fridge had a nice furry coat of mould that I hadn't noticed before going shopping.

  3. Does not look that quick or easy to me, but I am sure you enjoyed it.

    There is something about the anticipation of making a good sandwich which only enhances the consumption.

  4. joeh; it took less than ten minutes to put together, including making the sage tea.

  5. Often something like that is my lunch too always good.

  6. Merle; cheaper and fresher than takeaway too.

  7. Sounds good.....wish Phil liked garlic but he doesn't. We usually just have a sandwich of meat or fish and salad. Monotonous but there you are. When I feel energetic (which isn't often these days) I chop up my salad and pop it on a plate and have a couple of cruskits instead of bread which I am sure is better for me.

  8. And so good for you.
    I like that aioli too.

  9. That sammie would suit me just fine, too.

  10. Looks good...not too sure about the tea though lol.

  11. Did I miss lunch? It looked delicious!!

  12. Mimsie; sometimes monotonous can be good, you don't have the worry of deciding what to have. I'm a big fan of garlic, the smell, the taste and it's a natural antibiotic.

    Vicki; the only problem with the aioli is it tends to drip onto the plate. It should be a little thicker.

    Joanne; it's one of my favourite sammies.

    Delores; sage is so very good for you as well as being cooling in hot weather.

    fishducky; you DID miss lunch and it WAS delicious, maybe you'll make it next time.

  13. I got heartburn just looking at that. I'm a cheese and green pickles bun eater with ice cold ginger beer (diet).

  14. That looks delicious. I love aioli mayonnaise. I bought some last week and then confused it with an old jar and threw it out a few days later!