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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #32

"The more I dug, the messier this thing kept getting. If Morgan was vindicated, doom. If Morgan wasn't vindicated, doom.  Doom, doom and doom. Damn. My headache started coming on again. How was I supposed to do the right thing when there wasn't a right thing?"-Harry Dresden

I have read all the currently available Harry Dresden novels. There's 16 as far as I know. And I'm sad. 
I want more!! So I'm watching the old TV series that only ran for one season. The stories aren't the same as the books, but I can handle the differences. and Paul Blackthorne, who plays Harry Dresden, is rather cute.

I read in the Saturday paper last weekend that Heidi Klum is taking Elle MacPherson's place designing underwear for the Bendon range. 
Her photo was in the article, a very lovely body dressed in bra and knickers, 41 years old, mother of four.
I was briefly jealous, but then remembered that at 41, I also had a decent figure still. And four kids. 
Heidi Klum is also quite a bit taller than me, so looking good is easier for her. Let's face it, long lean limbs look slimmer than short lean limbs. If my 41 year old body had suddenly stretched about 8 inches taller, I'd have looked pretty good.
Heidi's body is not the point of this story, however. 

Within the article were some of her ideas on new designs. Bras were discussed. Lower the cups a little she suggests. Show more skin!
Not at my age and size thanks very much. 

Then she suggested that straps be moved a little more to the sides and this is where I have a problem. 
As far as I'm concerned straps are already too far to the sides. 
The damn things keep sliding off my shoulders! I spend more minutes per day than I'd like, reaching inside my sleeve and hoisting that strap back where it should be. 

Shorten the straps you say? 
I've done that to the point they can't be shortened any more and if I could shorten them more my boobs would be hoisted right up under my chin! That's not a good look on anyone.

Heidi's suggestions are for the pretty, lacy fashion range of underwear, not the old-lady, "support them so they don't jiggle like jellies or hang at waist level" range that I wear. 
So maybe I shouldn't worry so  much. Yet.
But if that idea catches on and all bra manufacturers move straps a little more to the side, all of us who are a certain age or size could find ourselves with very limited options when shopping for underwear. Or should I say even more limited options. 
I know one thing for sure. Next time I'm bra shopping, I'll have to try on a lot more styles and brands to find a comfortable fit.


  1. Who knew that Heidi went to underwear designing school?

  2. The last time I bought bras, years ago, I found the perfect fit and bought three before it was over. Recently a seam ripped on one and I tried to buy more. No longer manufactured. WTH. I repaired the seam and hope the three last another ten years, when I man no long give a damn.

  3. What does she have to say about mastectomy bras?

  4. I too do that fish and fix manoevre already. Too often. If they move them any further a strapless bra looks like a better option. Sigh.

  5. Coopers Droop is a real problem these days lol.

  6. joeh; I'm not sure she did, but has probably learned a lot in her modelling career.

    Joanne; same here, find a satisfactory fit and buy several. But the straps keep slipping and most styles these days have at least one section made from cheap whatever that just doesn't last. So the search is on for something new and better.

    fishducky; not a thing. the subject wasn't covered, it as all about redesigning the current line.

    Elephant's Child; it's a common problem. How many times have you seen young women going about in sleeveless tops with a bra strap creeping down their arm? how can they stand it??

    Delores; I hate the droop and I hate the jiggle. I will wear a bra that holds those boobs in place until the day I die.

  7. Sigh. Change a range on the advice of one. Ergh.
    I'm just glad there are plenty other brands to choose from that will (hopefully) not follow suit.
    I hate bra shopping, and will wear bras until they fall apart (then they become my comfy home bra) before I'm forced back to Target for another pair.

  8. When I was in Hawaii in 2013, I discovered the Coobie Bra. I will never wear any other kind of bra again. I have never, ever, had one of their straps move at all. Where I put them in the morning is where they stay all day.

    I have heard good reports about the Berlei sports bras, too.

    I think when you find underwear that works for you, buy as many of them as you can afford at the time and put a few away for later in case you can't ever find it again. :)

  9. If your bra straps keep falling it means 2 things that you have shorten it too much and it has lost its elasticity so can no longer grip. Trust me, after I got new bra, the straps stopped slipping.

  10. Vicki; I have a comfy home bra that I wear when my back is hurting. I hate bra shopping too, I'm an awkward size.

    Snoskred; I will google the Coobie Bra immediately. I'm currently wearing the Berlei sports and I'm not very happy with it. I plan to get properly fitted and buy at least half a dozen, although I may have to layby them.

    mm; what about straps that aren't elastic? Plain cotton straps? Some of those slip also. I need to keep searching for the correct style for my needs.

  11. Well........I'd like lean limbs long or short! I'm working hard at trying to get them but it is not happening.
    When I go bra shopping I spend the whole time laughing my head off at the lacy, flimsy numbers and mumble something like - in yer dreams honey, and continue through to the old lady sensible hold-em-in-and-still section. (Playtex do a GREAT wide strap, quite pretty, but solid non-underwire)

  12. Reading this about Heidi's many suggestions...I can't help but be reminded of that classic scene with Bob Hope in "The Paleface"....when he was to meet up with the sharp-shooter at noon...and as he walks down the main street of the western town he tries to remember all the advice given to him about the gunslinger he's about to face in a shoot-out..."he leans to the left; and limps to his right" etc., etc.,....words to that effect...not verbatim. A bit like Danny Kaye in "The Court Jester:" when he's trying to remember which chalice has the poison in it..."the one with the parsley is the one with the poison" and so on....similar scenarios.

    Okay...I mind works in mysterious ways...I'll go now. :)

  13. Rose ~ from OZ; no underwire? Damn. Underwire holds up better than without. I'll check the range though, thanks. Triumph used to do a great bra, but it was discontinued years ago, that's when I switched to sports bras to hold them firmly, but I'm finding them uncomfortable now as well as the slipping strap issue.

    Lee; I remember both those movies, a laugh a minute! even though I'm not a fan of Bob Hope.