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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

again with the tree trimming!

There are witches hats on the road and trucks right outside my front door! 
Well close enough anyway. 
Men in safety vests and hard hats.

I can't tell from here which tree is being trimmed, maybe the big old Yew tree, maybe the Lilly-Pilly which is dropping berries all over the footpath. Berries which are now a layer of pink mush from people treading on them as they walk along.

Hopefully it is just a "trim those branches away from the wires" thing. It's that time of year, so probably that's what it is.
Certainly I'm not going out into the cold in my stripey pink pyjamas just to find out.


  1. They do some very strange trim jobs around here, lets hope your fellows are a bit more artistic and neater.
    I got striped purple ones, we could be twins.

  2. Greetings human, River,

    Yew never know what they are really getting up to.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

  3. My mother has a Lilly-Pilly about three metres from her back door and it is huge and of course drops berries everywhere. Fortunately they don't seem to stain.

  4. Merle; artistic and neater? You've got to be kidding! They are council workers, they don't care what the trees look like.

    Penny; hello, nice to see you. I'll take a walk later and see just what they chopped off where.

    Andrew; years ago, I had no idea how big lilly-pillys could grow, so when I saw some in the nursery I bought a half dozen to plant as a hedge along a driveway. We were living in Puckapunyal at the time and left two years later. I sometimes wonder if the trees are still there.
    There are several around here and the berries get stuck in the treads of my sneakers, so most of the time I'll cross the road to miss them, then cross back after I'm past them.

  5. ... Good Afternoon River..... I hate the Lilly-pilly fruit all over the footpaths too... and the Jacaranda flowers..... I think it's dangerous.....
    I'm going to look for the coconut chips in Woolies.... I love all your chopped fruit especially the dates... xxx
    and ... I love your Cartoon for today... xxxxx
    Thanks for your visit... xxxxx <3
    Hugs ... Barb xxx

  6. I think you should have popped out in your striped PJs and surprised the workers but not good to get cold though. It is still warm over here, even at night, although a little cooler later in the week thank goodness.
    I do hope those trees are trimmed carefully and not demolished as so many your way have been lately. Anything on a pavement that could be slippery is of course a nuisance no matter how pretty it may look so I guess that job has to be attended to in the interest of public safety.

  7. let's hope it is just some preventive maintenance and not wanton destruction like last time. Cutting down a perfectly good tree is a crime!

  8. Barbara; I hope you find the coconut chips and enjoy them, they're crunchy. I put one on my tongue and let the flavour develop.

    Mimsie; the workers were gone quite quickly, so I suspect only those few branches near the wires were trimmed. I haven't been outside to see.

    mohave rat; seems to have just been routine maintenance. As for the earlier destruction, can you believe two of those trunks are still standing? Completely bare, not a branch in sight. Ugly.

  9. I'd never heard of Lilly Pilly trees before! Apparently the fruits are edible? They look gorgeous but would definitely make a mess, rather like mulberries here.

  10. They do a very nice job around here....a specialist goes out with them and studies each tree very carefully.

  11. Hope they are parsimonious with their trimming. Trees do not like to be cut, as if that was a surprise for anyone. :-)

  12. Jac; I've heard of people making lily-pilly jam in the past, probably early settlers, but I wouldn't like to try it myself. The fruits are tiny with largish stones, way too much trouble. They get left for the birds.

    Delores; really?? lucky you. Here it's hack and move on, hack and move on. Although in recent years there's been such an outcry over the tree butchering, some loppers are being more careful.

    Julie; I don't like the trees being cut either, I can't imagine how the trees feel. A tree allowed to grow to its full height and width is a beautiful thing.